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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第17期

想着这些我不知道该怎么执行任务 I don't know how to operate with that in the back of my mind. 很久没见你这样了 Haven't seen you do that in quite some time. 就是想放松放松心情 Wanted to take my mind off things. 我觉得造的网球应该不够你放松的 Yeah. I don't think they make enough tennis balls for that. 费利西蒂查暗杀名单可能目标进展如何 Where's Felicity with the list of potential targets? 她正在忙那个呢 这城市可不小 She's working on it. It's a big city. 对 Yeah. 你并不只是 Something tells me 因为那个名单的事烦恼吧 that's not the only thing weighing on you. 那些新人呢 How are the recruits? 暂时去休息了 Taking a little timeout. 之前以为他们会对我很失望 那还行 I expected them to be upset with me, and that's fine, 但是 约翰 他们似乎很害怕 but, John, they seemed horrified. 不 我不认为他们害怕 No. I wouldn't call it that. 只是太意外了 Just a bit surprised. 想开点吧 Look on the bright side. 那也证明了你这一路多不容易 It does show how far you've come. 曾经的那个你已经是过去时了 I haven't seen that guy in a long time, 我认为 新人们的反应 and the way the kids reacted, 也证明你已经改头换面了 I think it proves how much you've changed. 但我没有变 Except I haven't. 我从杀了达米恩·达克起再没停手 I killed Damien Darhk, and I haven't stopped since. 对 好吧 别忘了你在跟谁说话 Yeah. Well, don't forget who you're talking to, man. 我对当个凶手有切身感受 I know firsthand what it's like to be a murderer. 我知道为了惩恶扬善和发泄欲望 I know the difference between a good kill 去杀人之间的区别 and one made out of pure rage. 你杀了达米恩·达克的人 奥利弗 You killed Damien Darhk's men, Oliver, 因为你不得不这么做 because you had to. 你干掉丘奇的人 You took down Church's men 因为你不得不这么做 because you had to. 那个名单跟这个不同 The list was something different. 你之前的目标是律师 股票经纪人 You were targeting lawyers, stockbrokers. 你之前一来就是杀人 而非迫不得已 You were killing as a first resort, not a last. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Arrow-05-06-17.html