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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第16期

我觉得我们现在正好可以喝点儿 I thought we could use some considering the circumstances. 你要来点儿吗 Would you care for some? 罗里 她才17岁 Uh, Rory, she's 17. 又怎样 我11岁的时候我爸就让我喝了 So? My dad was giving me this stuff when I was 11. 难怪你现在这么奇葩 And what a fine weirdo you turned out to be. 听着 如果我们是因为 Look. If this little meeting 得知了奥利弗是杀手而开会 is because we learned Oliver is a killer, 我有消息告诉你们 I got news for you. 这不是新闻了 It's not news. 杀掉达米恩·达克和丘奇的手下 Look. Killing Damien Darhk and Church's guys 是一回事 但还有一张暗杀名单就... is one thing, but having a secret kill list-- 对 他从没跟我们说过 Yeah, that he never even told us about. 那情况就截然不同了 It's something completely different. 相同的是他从没告诉我们 Well, what's not different is him not telling us stuff. 你们没注意到 我们团队内部 Haven't you noticed when it comes to information sharing 在信息共享上不对称吗 there seems to be two different teams? 狄格尔回来后就更是这样了 It's only gotten worse since Diggle's been back. 大家好好想想吧 Make up your mind, guys. 你是因为奥利弗杀人而生气 Are you pissed because Oliver killed people 还是因为他对我们藏着些事 or that he doesn't tell us everything? 如果都是呢 How about both? 如果我是因为那家伙 How about I'm pissed that the guy 只把重要信息告诉给他圈子内的人 who only shares the important information 曾经还是个连环杀人犯而生气呢 with his inner circle used to be a serial killer? 再说一遍 他没跟我们说过这些 Which, again, he didn't tell us about. 我们都愿意相信奥利弗的大业 Look. We all want to believe in Oliver's crusade, 但我们怎么能与第一直觉就是 but how are we supposed to follow him into his battle 对我们隐瞒真相的人并肩作战呢 when his first instinct is to hide the truth from us. 今天说"我以前是个连环杀手" First it's "I used to be a serial killer." 明天又会曝出来什么呢 What's tomorrow's revelation gonna be? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Arrow-05-06-16.html