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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第06季 第06集 第15期

拜托能来点光吗 Can we get some lights in here, please? -停 来个医生 -天哪 - Cut! A medic! - Oh, God! 医生 Yeah. Medic. -天啊 -你还好吗 - Lord. - You all right? -我还好 -真的需要医生吗 你还好吗 - Yes, I'm fine. - Do you really need a medic? Are you okay? -只是这里太黑了 -我知道 - It's just so bloody dark in here. - I know. 我不该直直地看着火焰的 然后就 I made the mistake of looking right into the flame, and then, 周围的环境都变暗了 you know, the rest of the world went dark. -你觉得很好笑吗 -你的口音 - Oh, that's funny to you? - It's just your accent. 很有趣 我特别喜欢听 It's hilarious. I l-love listening to it. -我能听上一整天 -真的吗 - I could listen to it all day. - Oh, really? 是啊 你能... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you... hey, um... 你能... 考虑一下 Would you, actually, think about ever 和我共进晚餐吗 having dinner with me, maybe? -和你吗 -对 - With you? - Yeah. 随便吃点... 或者喝咖啡 什么都行 Just a light bite or something... coffee. Coffee, anything. -你就可以听我说话了吗 -是的 - I just... what, just so you can - hear me speak? - Well, yeah... -不止是听你说话 -好吧 - Maybe a little more than that. - Okay. 准备好了吗 Right, are we ready? 所以 我要分享一个新消息... So, I have a bit of news to share... 你好 我是罗里·莫纳汉 Hello, I'm Rory Monahan. 我是...也是《我的罗厄诺克梦魇》的 I'm an... also an ex-Brit actor 前英国演员 on My Roanoke Nightmare. 亲爱的 这应该是私人自白 Oh, darling, this is supposed to be private. 抱歉 我只是个扫烟囱的小可爱 Uh, I'm sorry, I'm just a lovely little chimney sweep! 不 当然不是 No! Absolutely not. -那太糟糕了 -对不起 对不起 - That's terrible. - I'm sorry, I'm sorry. 我不是故意要打扰的 真的不是 I don't mean to interrupt. I really don't. 都见鬼吧 我们结婚了 Suck it! Here we're hitched. 他可真是个风一样的男人 是吧 Well, he is a whirlwind, that one. Isn't he? 谁能想到 一个青春不再的女人 Who could have guessed that a woman of a certain age 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-06-06-15.html