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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第06季 第06集 第14期

你真的要现在就走吗 You're really doing this right now? 小戴 你反应过度了 D, come on. You are so overreacting. 你拍到了吗 Did you get that? 现在是12号周三下午2点15分 It's 2:15 on Wednesday, the 12th, 这段录影将作为今天外景棚 and this video will serve as evidence 所发生的真实情况的证据 of what really went down on set today. 因为我知道西德尼会让我看起来像个疯婆子 'Cause I know Sidney's gonna make me look like a crazy bitch. 但已经发生了太多诡异的事情 But too much creepy shit has been happening 我不能再沉默 for me not to say anything. 老天 西德也许没看出来 God, Sid-- Sid may not see it, 但我知道 那里正在发生古怪的事 but I know something freaky is happening at that place. 我宁愿做个疯婆子 And you know, I would rather look like a crazy bitch 也不想因为这个节目把命丢了 than get killed trying to make this show. 什么鬼 What the? 我一点也不想知道那是谁 I have no intention of finding out who that is. 天啊 这地方让我毛骨悚然 Oh, God. This place gives me the creeps. 三个月后 警察找到了戴安娜·高士相机中的视频 她的尸体未被发现 回到罗厄诺克 地狱三日 你好 Hello. 你好 我是奥黛丽·廷德尔 Hello, I'm Audrey Tindall, 和英国公主廷德尔没有关系 no relation to the Tindalls of the Princess Royal, 很可惜 unfortunately. 这是我第一次自白 And this is my first confessional. 你们通过我在《我的罗厄诺克梦魇》中 You know me as the reenactor playing 重演的谢尔比一角 the role of Shelby 认识了我 on My Roanoke Nightmare. 我还知道 很多粉丝第一次听我说话的时候 And I know a lot of fans are always really surprised 都很惊讶 when they first hear me speak, 因为我是英国口音 because I have an English accent. 已由《我的罗厄诺克梦魇》 授权的视频片段 -你要带我们去哪 -安全的地方 - Where are you taking us? - Safety. 这些地道通向哪里 Where do these tunnels lead? 我以为是当地人修建的 I thought the hillbillies built them. 是我建的 I built them. -你还好吗 -真的很疼 - You okay? - Oh, God, that really hurt. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-06-06-14.html