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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第05季 第06集 第06期

所以必须先弄死那些孩子们 That's why those kids have got to go first. 他们是她活下去的理由 They're her reason for living. 真冷血 That's cold. 不 No. 是行善 It's a kindness. 这里不是孩子们应该待的地方 This is no place for children. 走吧 去找那些孩子 Come on, let's go find the kids. 不不 No, no, no, no. 是你去找 You find them, 因为听起来你知道该怎么做 'cause it sounds like you know what to do. 但即使解决了这件事 But even with that done, 她依然还有一个活下去的理由 she'll still have one more reason to go on, 而那才是我要去解决的 and I'm gonna tend to that. 把33号房的钥匙给我 So give me the key to Room 33. 打扰一下 Excuse me. 能告诉我们去 Can you show us to the line 《速度与激情:增压》游乐场的路吗 to the Fast & Furious-- Supercharged? 我们在这旅馆里迷路好久了 We are lost in this hotel for so long. 这里就像个迷宫 It's like a maze. 你们永远看不到三维立体的范·迪塞尔了 You're never going to see Vin Diesel in 3-D 因为你们不能离开这间旅馆 because you can't leave this hotel. 明白吗 You understand? 我告诉过你了 阿格妮莎 I told you, Agnetha, 我们死了 we are dead. 为什么会认为你们死了 Why do you think you're dead? 因为我吃下去的任何东西 Because everything I put in my mouth 味道都像粉笔一样 我很喜欢吃东西的 tastes like chalk. I love food. 别听他的 芬德拉 Don't listen to him, Vendela. 走 Come. 我们自己找出口 We'll find a way out. 不 Nope. 芬德拉说得没错 Vendela's right. 在找到目标之前 Until you find a purpose, 你们会一直被困在这牢固的枷锁里 you'll both be stuck in an unbreakable chain, 一遍又一遍重复着自己死前的景象 repeating yourselves over and over again. 买点甘蓝 How hard is it 送到这能有多难啊 to get some goddamn kale around here?! 这就是这间旅馆的力量 It's the power of the hotel. 它使你们迷失方向 Makes you lose your compass. 丧失自我感知力 Your sense of yourself. 丧失对一切事物的感知力 Of anything. 但有人打破了那种循环 But there are those who have broken out of that cycle. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-05-06-6.html