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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第05季 第06集 第05期

你好 亲爱的 Hello, my love. 亲爱的 我想道别 Darling, I wanted to say good-bye. 妈妈要去巴黎了 Mama's going to paris. 等我回来 我就会拥有很多钱 And when I get back, I'll have so much money, 我就再也不用撇下你了 I'll never have to leave you ever again. 我保证 I promise. 你干什么 What are you doing? 她走了 She's gone. 我们想做什么都行 We can do anything we want. 那又如何 So what? 你想砸烂她的顶层公寓吗 You want to trash her penthouse? 你知道我们来是干什么 You know why we're here. 去地下室 Going to the basement. 干掉那些小娃娃 Take care of those kiddies. 怎么了 What's the matter? 你不忍心吗 You going soft on me? 怎么 因为我不愿杀小孩吗 Why? Because I don't want to murder some children? 我可能会流泪 Well, I might tear up. 你才不在乎那些孩子 You don't give two shits about those kids. 这不是因为他们 It's not about them. 但你知道我把刀捅进他们的小心脏 But you know when I stab at their little hearts, 就是捅进了她的心脏 I'll be stabbing at hers, 而你还没忘记她 and you're still not over her. 你就忘记了吗 And you are? 你痴迷了 You're obsessed. 好吧 Fine. 你去翻她的内裤闻吧 You go... sniff her panties. 我自己解决 I'll take care of this myself. 该死 Well, son of a bitch! 他们哪去了 Where the hell are they? 我怎么知道 How should I know? 你大嘴巴了吗 You been flapping that mouth? 当然没有 Hell, no. 我都准备好了 I was ready to do this. 看来还真是 Well, guess you were. 该死 女人 你是怎么了 Damn, woman. What's got into you? 六品脱O阴型血 About six pints of o-negative 36号房那对自作聪明的情侣身上的 From a couple of smart alecks in Room 36. 真是个全新的你啊 It's a whole new you. 说得没错 Damn straight it is. 你儿子娘们兮兮的 可你不一样 That boy of yours pussed out, but not you. 你一定很恨那些小畜生吧 You must really hate the little shits. 不 我不恨他们 Nah, I don't hate 'em. 也许还有点爱吧 Maybe even love 'em a little. 我恨的是她 It's her I hate. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-05-06-5.html