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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第04季 第08集 第03期

你在帐篷里的表演真精彩 That was quite a show you put on in that tent. 著名女演员 跟琼·芳登一样精彩 Regular Joan Fontaine. 我见过你让全场观众拜倒在你脚下 I've seen you bring a full house to their feet, 但你今晚的表演是有史以来最棒的 but you have never been better than you were tonight. 你真有才 艾莎·马尔斯 You have got it, Elsa Mars. 为小可爱哭泣 The sobs over Ma Petite. 紧抓她沾血的小裙子 演得真好 Clutching her bloody dress, that was a nice touch. 戏码有点俗 但是... Bit of a house note, damn... 我差点就以为你是真心的 I almost believed you meant it. 你怎么敢这么说 How dare you? 她是我最珍视的宝贝 She was my most precious one. 你唯一珍视的 就是观众的喝彩 All that's precious to you is the roar of the crowd. 决不允许任何人 And God forbid someone comes along 夺走属于你的光彩 and steals your spotlight. 要知道 You know, 我见识过威士忌让人神志不清的样子 I have seen the way whiskey can ravage the mind, 但你今晚跑到这里来 but you come in here tonight 是想指控我什么 and you accuse me of what? 杀死无辜的化身吗 Of killing innocence itself? 滚出去 Get out! 14年了 14 years. 我给你端茶送水 I've brought you your tray, 替你洗头 washed your hair, 听你说了一堆昔日辉煌 和破灭梦想的 listened to all those tall tales about what was, 大话 废话 what could have been. 你说的这些 I heard those stories... 我都听了不下十遍 艾莎 ten times over, Elsa. 我比你更了解你自己 I know you better than you know yourself. 我一直想 为什么 I always wondered, why. 我如此爱你 I loved you so much, 待在你身边 却让我如此痛苦 it gave me such pain to be around you. 我晚上离开时 会觉得 When I leave here at night, I'd just... 怅然若失 felt like I lost something. 一个女人不应该害怕 A woman shouldn't dread... 和她最好的朋友待在一起 spending time with her best friend. 那为什么我会这么不安 Why'd I feel so uneasy? 现在我明白了 Now I know. 我 Who am I, 是你的拯救者 if not your savior? 这就是你的感恩 And this is the thanks. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-04-08-3.html