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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第04季 第08集 第02期

他永远不会同意做精神分析的 He would never agree to psychoanalysis. 那就骗他是干别的 Then tell him it's something else. 我会推掉所有行程 I'll clear my schedule. 歌莉娅 最近是否发生了什么事 Gloria, were there any recent incidents... -丹迪 -母亲 - Dandy! - Mother! 让你如此担心自己的儿子 that triggered this anxiaty about your son? 只是母亲的直觉 Just a mother's intuition. 小可爱 Ma Petite! 她人太小了 She's so tiny. 她可能掉进了哪个洞里 She could be in a hole somewhere, 大声求救 但我们却听不到 更看不到 screaming, and we wouldn't hear her, let alone see her. -小可爱 你在哪 -小可爱 - Petite? Where are you? - Ma Petite. 你去找那片空地 You head toward that clearing, 我去河床看看 带上迪马乔 I'll hug the riverbed. Take DiMaggio. 来吧 乖孩子 去找她 快去找 Come on, boy. Come on. Find, find. 小可爱 Ma Petite! 闻到什么了吗 闻到了吗 You got some, boy? You got some? 小可爱 Ma Petite! 去找 快找 Find, find! 小可爱 Ma Petite! 没找到尸体吗 No... no body? 看来她被动物吃了 Looks like an animal took her. 可能是郊狼 Maybe a coyote. 骨头什么都吃了 Bones and all. 不要啊 Oh, no. 不要 Oh, no. 不 不要啊 Oh, no, no, no, no, no. 天啊 God. 不要 Oh, no, no. 还以为你这会儿该抽得不省人事了 Thought you'd be high as a Limehouse whore by now. 这地方根本配不上她 She was too good for this place, you know? 上帝把自己的光明灌注在那个小天使里 God put his very own light into that little angel. 就好像他早知道 It was as if he knew 这世界一次只能接受他一点点的爱 that the world could only handle a tiny bit of his love at once. 好了 Well, come on. 艾瑟尔 看来你已经想办法 Oh, Ethel. Looks like you have already taken steps to 缓解痛苦了 dull your pain. 在如此黑暗的夜晚 A woman's entitled to a little nip or two 我有权喝上两杯 on a dark night of the soul. 坐下吃点东西吧 Sit. Eat. 我们得为她服丧 We will mourn her. 圣诞节取消了 Christmas is canceled. 我给你做了假甲鱼汤 I made mock turtle soup. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-04-08-2.html