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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第03季 第09集 第08期

你会无法控制四肢 You lose control over your limbs, 肌肉僵硬 the muscles harden into cement, 感觉血管里凝固了一般 and it feels like ice in your veins. 然后蔓延到呼吸系统 Then the respiratory system. 还是先从呼吸系统开始呢 Or is it the other way around? 无所谓了 Well, no matter. 应该很吓人吧 It's supposed to be quite terrifying. Is it? 你们害怕吗 你们应该害怕 Are you terrified? You should be. 但至少我没想置你们于死地 At any rate, I'm not going to kill you. 也许等用完甜点会弄死你们 Well, maybe after dessert. 为了做好酸橙派 我可没少花心思 I put a lot of effort into the key lime pie. 我真喜欢酸橙派 I do love a key lime pie, 比喜欢漂浮岛[法式甜点]更多 even more than a ile flottante... 我就这么俗气 Call me a philistine! 漂亮话说完了 Enough chit-chat. 你们俩一直想把我赶出理事会 You've both wanted to eliminate me for years, 这样你们就能占地为王 so you could dominate the Council. 但我从没担心过 But I was never worried 你们居然会傻到付诸行动 you'd be hapless enough to try. 昆廷 Quentin! 你这愚蠢的酒鬼 You're a fatuous fool and a drunk! 潘比 你就更糟了 Pembie, you're even worse. 你意志薄弱 You're weak-willed, 性格无聊 你的着装品位 boring, and your fashion faux pas 都害我做噩梦了 give me nightmares. 我邀请你们来 I invited you here 可不是为了责骂你们 not to chastise you 或是报复你们 or exact revenge, 我只想让你们帮助女巫团 but to help out the coven. 帮助我挚爱的科迪莉亚 To help out my beloved Cordelia. 你们刚刚一定在想 I bet you thought, 她把挖球器忘在碗里了 "Oh, she left the melon baller in there. 这老东西真健忘 She's growing old and forgetful." 我养过一只土耳其安哥拉猫 I had a Turkish Angora cat 生来就有一只棕色眼睛 who was born with one brown eye 一只蓝色眼睛 and one blue. 真是美极了 She was absolutely gorgeous. 我的天啊 Oh, my God... 我能看见了 I can see. 我知道你本意是好的 I know you had the best of intentions. 但你应该先征求我同意的 But you could've asked me first. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-03-09-8.html