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美国恐怖故事(American Horror Story) 第03季 第09集 第07期

毫无烧伤痕迹 No burn scars. 甚至比以前看起来更年轻 You look younger than ever. 快跟我们说说 We-we've got to hear all about 这位米丝蒂·黛以及她的神奇药泥 this Misty Day and her magical mud. 咱们是不是该好好研究一下 Should we be looking into it? 或者拿来赚点钱 Selling it, perhaps? 我的老天 My God... 你搞错重点了 亲爱的 You miss the point, darling. 沼泽神泥只是一种隐喻 The swamp mud is a metaphor, 她的隐喻 her metaphor. 她是一位天赋异禀 She's a sophisticated witch 能力非凡的女巫 with extraordinary gifts, 常年隐居在沼泽之中 hiding out as a hippie swamp rat. 她从闭塞山林中走来 From humble hillbilly stock, 天生就拥有巫术 she's been a witch since birth, 她的法力和人性 her power and humanity 让她与众不同 separating her from everyone around her. 其实 她身边的那些人 In fact, those around her 一直想方设法要毁灭她 have tried endlessly to destroy her, 来实现自己的邪恶目的 in order to mask their own evil purposes. 但她浴火重生 愈挫愈勇 Yet she rose from the ashes, stronger than ever, 能力得到了充分实现 more fully realized. 她是女巫团理想实现的凿凿之证 A living testament to the greater ideals of our coven. 能力 热情 独一无二 Power, compassion, and uniqueness. 找到她 对我们双方来说都是大幸 We are lucky to have found her, and she us. 这让我也产生了共鸣 It resonates with my own story, doesn't it? 默特尔 我要敬你一杯 Myrtle, I want to toast you 为你不计 for your spirit 前 前 of... f... 嫌 give... 你是说不计前嫌吗 Forgiveness, you say? 不计前嫌是 也永远会是 Forgiveness is, and always will be, 高尚的做法 the high road... 首选的做法 the preferred road. 可那对我们来说 是一种奢侈 Would that we had such luxury. 昆廷 Oh... Quentin. 别担心 Not to worry. 我只是在蜜瓜球里加了一点乌头 It's just a bit of monkshood in your balls. 只会引起暂时性麻痹 Causes temporary paralysis. 所谓的人体雕塑综合症 "Human Statue Syndrome," we call it. 会先从神经系统开始 I believe it's the nervous system first. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/American-Horror-Story-03-09-7.html