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双面格蕾丝(Alias Grace) 第01季 第02集 第02期

我不知道他去了哪里 I do not know where he has gone. 你得吃点东西 You must eat something. 这样会感觉更精神些 You will feel stronger. 家里没东西吃了 乔丹医生 There is nothing in the house to eat, Dr. Jordan. 你的早饭是最后的食物 Your breakfast was the last of it. 自从我丈夫走后 我就没吃过东西 I have not eaten since my husband left. 来吃吧 Here we go. 你太善良了 You are too kind. 谢谢你 Thank you. 买了这些吃的 To purchase all this food. 你真是个好人 乔丹医生 This is so good of you, Dr. Jordan. 别客气 Think nothing of it. 我不能让你挨饿 I could not let you starve. 恐怕最后还是得挨饿 I'm afraid it will come to that. 我已经瓮尽杯干了 I am at the end of my resources. 我会提前付你两个月的房租 I will advance you another two months' rent. 应该能应付一时之需 That should be sufficient to keep the wolves at bay, 至少能让你有时间为未来做点打算 at least until you've had time to consider your prospects. 你好 乔丹医生 Hello, Dr. Jordan. 早上好 格蕾丝 Good morning, Grace. 你今天在忙什么 What is that you are working on today? 我在缝补莉迪亚小姐的蕾丝花边 I am mending Miss Lydia's lace. 她对她的衣服真是很不爱护 She does tend to be careless about her clothes, 应该要有人告诉她 她那些好衣服 and ought to be told that fine clothes such as hers 不是从树上长出来的 do not grow on trees. 既然你来了 我就不做了 I will put it down now that you're here. 它挺碍眼的 It is a strain on the eyes. 先生 你今天没带东西来 Sir, you are without any item today. 格蕾丝 Grace? 没带苹果 洋葱 或是甜菜 Any apple or onion or beet. 是的 我决定实行另一个计划 Yes, I have determined upon a different plan. 是什么 先生 What is that, sir? 你做过梦吗 格蕾丝 Have you had any dreams, Grace? 应该有 I suppose I have. 虽然我现在一个都记不起来 Though none I can remember at the moment.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Alias-Grace-01-02-2.html