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双面格蕾丝(Alias Grace) 第01季 第02集 第01期

我在京士顿监狱 I have been an inmate 服刑已达15年之久 at the Kingston Penitentiary for 15 long years. 我被判谋杀罪 I was convicted of murder. 那你能给我讲讲你的故事吗 格蕾丝 Will you tell me your story, Grace? 既然这个真实的故事并不在认罪书上 As the real one is not written in your confession. 愚蠢又丑陋的婊子 You stupid, ugly whore! 人们想审判 People want a guilty person. 出现了犯罪 他们就需要人负责 If there has been a CRIme, they want to know who did it. 格蕾丝 玛丽·惠特尼是谁 Grace, who is Mary Whitney? 玛丽·惠特尼曾经是我的一个特别的朋友 Mary Whitney was once a particular friend of mine. 她对我一直很好 She was always very kind to me. 没有她 我的故事肯定完全不是这样 And without her, it would have been a different story entirely 或许 你是个骗子 Perhaps you are a liar. 他们已经认定我是个骗子了 There are those who have said I am one. 格蕾丝·马克斯逼我这么做 Grace Marks made me do it! 吊死她 Hang her! 双面格蕾丝 第一季 第二集 呈以一位女人的命运 一心保持耐心与缄默 如无言幽魂般等待 直至质询之声破解这沉默的咒语 亨利·沃兹沃思·朗费罗 我到了水泵那 I went to the pump, 转身时看见了麦克德莫特 and on turning around I saw McDermott 拖着南希经过院子 dragging Nancy along the yard 从后厨房拖到了前厨房 leading from the back kitchen to the front kitchen... 我给你泡了点茶 I have made you some tea. 把早餐放在桌上就行 Just set the breakfast tray down on the table. 汉弗莱夫人 你能听到我说话吗 Mrs. Humphrey, can you hear me? 你得把这个喝了 I want you to swallow this. 你很安全 You are quite safe. 你把我的早餐端进来时晕倒了 You collapsed while carrying my breakfast tray in. 恕我直言 May I ask, 你雇的佣人哪去了 what has become of your hired help? 我付不起她的工钱 I could not pay her. 我欠了她三个月的工钱 I owe her three months' back wages. 我丈夫两天前带着我们所有的钱跑了 My husband took all of our money two days ago.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Alias-Grace-01-02-1.html