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38小时速听速记考研英语词汇 第12期

111.I never neglect any of my defects and try to cultivate good habits in the meantime. 我从不忽视自己的小毛病,同时努力形成好的习惯。 112.The Chinese nation has brought forth a lot of competent national heroes and revolutionary leaders. 中华民族孕育了许多有才干的民族英雄和革命领袖。 113.He told the student aloud that the regular verb was in the present tense. 他大声告诉学生,这个规则动词用的是现在时态。 114.Our head-teacher said, in order to prevent environmental pollution, we shouldn’t dump garbage on the lawn. 校长说,为防止环境污染,我们不应该向草坪上乱倒垃圾。 115.She has made a noticeable improvement in handwriting, because of practice from daylight till dusk every day. 由于每天从早到晚的不懈联系,她的书法已经有了明显的进步。 116.It is agreeable to all of us that the distinction between essay and poetry is obvious. 我们一致认为,诗与散文的差别是显而易见的。 117.The arrangement of sophomore curriculum of this college stressed the acquaintance with medicine, pharmacy, physiology and genetic. 该校大二学生课程的安排强调对医学、药剂学、生理学和遗传学知识的了解。 118.The part-time printer with a moustache is actually a librarian and a core reviewer of eBay; he is flexible and high speed. 长小胡子的那个兼职印刷工其实还是图书管理员兼易趣网站的核心评论员,他的工作灵活高效。 119.After deliberate thought, the conservative chemistry teacher permitted him to do experiments in laboratory tonight. 深思熟虑之后,保守的化学教师同意他今晚去实验室做实验。 120.The easygoing nursery teacher told children that the universe (Galaxy) was comprised of stars, planets, satellites and other spheres. 随和的幼儿园老师告诉孩子们宇宙(银河系)中有恒心、行星、卫星、以及其他天体。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573535.html