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沛沛英语MP3 第六盒[下]

U164 There is a good three miles to the station.(足足) I'll give you a good try. (好好试) I'll give them a good dry. I've a good day work today. It needs a good wash. We should give it a good cleaning. I have a good nice sleep. I'll give you a good lesson. U165 These are the customs of forefather handed down to us. Those were handed down from one generation to another. The diamond has been handed down for generations. Why follow the tradition handed down? The ceremony was handed on for centuries. It was handed down by my grandfather. My father handed it down to me. Property was usually handed down to the oldest son. U166 Personally I mean favorite of the new policy. Personally I'll be sorry if you leave. Personally I think it's very good. I'd like to make some personal comments. You may not agree but personally I think he is a good man. Personally I don't believe what you said in the report. Personally I see nothing wrong with it. I want to say something personal about the report. U167 His speech was just ordinary. It was an ordinary dinner. His latest book was quite ordinary. The topics in the discuss are too ordinary. This isn't a piece of ordinary dance music. It only talks about the most ordinary things. I'm an ordinary man too. It's nothing out of the ordinary. U168 I've not quite clear about it yet. Are you clear about what to do? I'm clear as what you expect to me. Our stand in this question is clear. To me it's not clear why he did it. You should give me a clear explanation. It's clear that he doesn't intend to come. The water in the lake is as clear as glass. U169 I'm busy preparing for the exam. I was busy looking after my grandfather. What have you been busy doing? I'm busy day and night with conferences. Are you busy this afternoon? This is a one of the busiest street. The shop is busy in the Christmas season.. I'm not busy , I'd like to go. U170 An unusual exertion may affect the heart. Gossip would not affect me. The financial CRIsis didn't affect their investment Smoking affects your health. Music always affects me strongly. The speech deeply affected the audience. The sale of our products will be naturally affected. The region was affected by drought. U171 I don't feel my age. At what age do children start schools in your country? I began to write at the age of forty. The children began to work at the age of eight. I knew nothing about computers at your age. You should never ask a lady's age. You look much younger than your age. You lived in a highly advanced age. U172 I'm getting you a wonderful gift for Christmas. I'm getting you a piano as a gift. I'm getting you a stereo for your birthday. Are you getting me a new car for my birthday? I won't get you anything because you are so much mischievous. I'm getting you something to congratulate you. What might I get him? I only want you to get me the skirt. U173 I'll go see it. Go get the paper for me. I'll go find him for you. I'll go take the medicine to Dad. I'll go do some washing. Do you want to go see her at the hospital? Will you go reserve a ticket for me? Would you go buy some food for me? U174 All my efforts were wasted. The repetitious repetitious work is a waste of her talent. The waste drove the bankruptcy. Haste makes waste. That is the waste of water. Don't waste time on him. I don't waste time by chatting. Don't waste time going to and from. U175 I've got to start working out. I've got to take some medicine. I've got to get some vegetable for a change. I've got to find another way home. I've got to leave for a moment. I've got to find another job. I've got to prepare well. I've got to tell her the truth. U176 That really makes sense. (道理) The slang does seem make any sense. 意思 It doesn't make any sense. 道理 The explanation in the book makes no sense. 莫名其妙 It doesn't make sense until you read it again and again. 读懂 I can't make sense of the message. Does it make sense to leave him alone?怎么能 It makes sense to take care of your health. 应该 U177 Really the prices are rising rapidly. Really we've known each other since childhood. Really he can read and write at age of 4. Really it costs me 700. Really it looks like pouring down. Really my son took care of me on the way home. Really I can't recognize them myself. Really he took a walk for 3 hours. U178 A little exercise will do you good. Taking a walk everyday will do me good. 8 glasses of water a day will do you good. A day in the country will do you good. Has it done you any good? Take it and it'll do you good. The chicken soup will do you good. Too much smoking will do you no good. U179 He'll end up as president some day. I finally ended up as a lawyer. He'll end up in prison. We ended up staying at home for the holiday. You'll end up in the hospital. We started with soup and ended up with fruit. How do the stories end up? He'll end up achieving nothing. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573411.html