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大陆版剑桥雅思10真题听力 第12期:Test1(section4-3)

The logging of the trees along the streams has damaged the places where the bears fish. 砍伐溪流沿岸树木的行为毁坏了白灵熊捕鱼的地方。 To make matters worse, the number of salmon in those streams is declining because there is no legal limit onfishing at the moment. 使得问题更加严重的是,那些溪流中的鲑鱼数量也在减少,因为当时对捕鱼并没有法律限制。 All these influences have a negative impact on the spirit bear's very existence, 所有这些影响对白灵熊的生存都产生了负面作用, which is made all the more fragile by the fact that reproduction among these bears has always been disappointingIy low. 而这些熊的繁殖率一直都比较低这一事实更是使得它们愈加脆弱。 And so, what's the situation going forward? 那么,未来的情况又将如何呢? Community organizations, environmental groups and the British Columbia government are now working together on the problem. 社区组织、环境保护团体和大不列颠哥伦比亚省政府现在都在共同解决这一问题。 The government is now requiring logging companies to adopt a better logging method, which is a positive step. 政府目前正要求伐木公司采取一种更好的伐木手段,这是一个积极的措施。 However, these measures alone may not be sufficient to ensure a healthy population of the spirit bear in thefuture. 但是,只采取这些措施也许并不足以保证未来白灵熊的数量呈一个健康的态势。 Other steps also need to be taken. While it is important to maintain the spirit bear's habitat, there also needs to be more emphasis on its expansion. 其他措施也需要付诸实行。虽然维护白灵熊的栖息地也很重要,但是还需要更加强调栖息地的扩张。 The move is justified as it will also create space for other bears that are losing their homes... 这种方法是非常合理的,因为它也会给其他正失去家园的熊创造出生存空间...... That's the end of section 4, you now have half of a minute to check your answers. 以上是第四部分的全部内容,现在你有30秒的时间检查答案。 That's the end of listening test. In the IELTS test, you will now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. 以上是听力部分的全部内容。在雅思考试中,你现在将有十分钟的时间把答案誊写到答题卡上。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573375.html