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Chinese scientists and engineers are designing drones to help firefighters rescue trapped people, especially in high-rise building fires. 中国科学家和工程师正在设计无人驾驶飞机来帮助消防员营救被困人员,特别是在高层建筑火灾中。 Developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), the drones can quickly fly into a building via doors or windows, search for trapped people and plan rescue routes. 由中国运载火箭技术研究院研制的该无人机,可以通过门窗快速飞入建筑物,搜寻被困人员,规划救援路线。 When a fire occurs in a high-rise building, firefighters often have to walk upstairs and their sight is affected by heavy smoke, making it hard to plan a rescue route. 当高层建筑发生火灾时,消防人员往往不得不上楼,他们的视线受到浓烟的影响,很难规划救援路线。 According to Xu Jian, designer at CALT, the drones can be quickly flown into the fire location to access the situation before firefighters arrive. 据中国运载火箭技术研究院一位名叫徐建的设计师表示,该无人机可以在消防员赶到之前迅速飞到火场进入现场。 "For a skyscraper with a height of around 500 meters, it takes about half an hour for firefighters to climb the stairs to the top floor, but the drones take only two minutes," Xu said. 徐建说:“对于一座高约五百米的摩天大楼,消防员爬楼梯到顶层大约需要半小时,但无人机只需两分钟。” The drones can avoid obstacles, draw a three-dimensional map indicating the distribution of obstacles, and plan a barrier-free rescue route. 该无人机可以避开障碍物,绘制障碍物分布的三维地图,规划无障碍救援路线。 They are also equipped with cameras and pictures can be transmitted back to the ground in real time, which help firefighters locate trapped people. 此外,它们还配备了摄像头,图像可以实时传回地面,帮助消防员找到被困人员。 The exterior of the drone is made of a composite material commonly used on rockets, allowing it to withstand a high-temperature environment of 200 degrees. 无人机的外部由在火箭上常用的复合材料制成,可以承受200度的高温环境。 "China has a huge demand for the drones and they are expected to be put into use by the end of this year," Xu said. 徐建称:“中国对无人机有很大需求,预计今年年底投入使用。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573372.html