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剑桥雅思8真题听力 第12期Test2(3-1)

Good morning everyone.In today's seminar, 大家早上好。在今天的讲座中, Grant Freeman,a biologist who specialises in identifying insects, and who works for the Australian Quarantine Service, has come to talk to us about his current research work. 澳大利亚检疫中心专门鉴定昆虫的生物学家,格兰特·弗里曼与我们讲讲他目前的调查工作。 Right,well,over to you,Grant. 好的,交给你了,格兰特。 Good morning,everyone.I'm sure that you know that the quarantine service regulates all food brought into Australla. 大家早上好。想必你们知道检疫中心管理所有引入澳大利亚的食物。 Well,obviously they want to protect Australia from diseases that might come in with imported goods, 显然,他们要保护澳洲不受进口食物所带来的疾病侵扰, but they also want to prevent insect pests from being introduced into the country,and that's where I have a part to play. 但是他们也要防止害虫被引入国内,而这就是我的工作。 Anyway,my current research involves trying to find a particular type of bee, the Asian Honey Bee, 总之,我目前的工作就是找到一种特殊的蜂,亚洲蜜蜂, and finding out whether there are any of them around in various states of Australia. 看看它们是否存在于澳大利亚的各州。 We discovered a few of them in Queensland once and eradicated them. 我们发现昆士兰有一些便把它们消灭了。 Now,we're pretty keen to make sure that there aren't any more getting in,particularly to New South Wales andother states. 现在,我们很想确定它们没有更多的进入国内,特别是新南威尔士州和其他州。 What's wrong with Asian Honey Bees? 亚洲蜜蜂有什么问题吗? Are they so different from Australian bees? 它们和澳洲蜜蜂不同吗? Well,in fact,they look almost the same,but they are infested with mites - microscopic creatures which live on them, 事实上,它们看起来一样,但是它们携带螨虫,微生物寄居在它们身上, and which can seriously damage our own home-grown bees,or could even wipe them out. 这会严重破坏我们本土的蜜蜂,或者甚至会将它们彻底消灭。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573367.html