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剑桥雅思9真题听力 第26期Test3(2-2)

All these visitors mean we have had to expand our operation and it's now a truly family concern. 所有这些参观者意味着我们应该扩大运营范围,而且现在它成了一个家族企业。 I'm near to retirement age so I only concern myself with looking after the mechanical side of things - keeping the trains going. 我快到了退休的年龄,所以我只想照看机械方面的事情,维持火车的运行。 Liz now devotes all her energies to recruiting and supporting the large squadron of workers, which keep the place running smoothly. 莉兹将所有的精力用在招募和支持大量员工的身上,以保证这里的顺利运营。 We're really pleased that after some years away teaching, Sarah has now returned to the park 我们很高兴在莎拉教书几年之后回到了公园, and makes sure the visitors are kept fed and watered, which keeps her pretty busy as you can imagine. 她的工作是确保参观者有食吃,有水喝,你可以想象这让她很忙。 Our son, Duncan, has been a stalwart of the park for the last ten years, taking over from me in the area of construction 我们的儿子,邓肯在过去的十年中是公园的中流砥柱,他在建设上接手了我的工作, and I'll say a little bit more about that in a moment - and his new wife, Judith, has also joined the team in charge of retall. 我一会儿会就此多说一些,而且他的妻子朱迪思也加入了团队,负责零售。 That's becoming a tremendous growth area for us - a lot of people want to buy souvenirs. 这成了我们大幅增长的领域,许多人想要购买纪念品。 So have you finished your development of the site for the moment? 那么你们目前完成了发展场地的计划了吗? Not at all!We're constantly looking for ways to offer more to our visitors. 完全没有!我们总是想办法为客人提供更多。 The railway remains the central feature and there's now 1.2 kilometres of the line laid but we'd like to laymore. 铁路仍然是主要的特色,现在有1.2公里的线路,但是我们想要拓展更多。 Because of the geology of the area, our greatest problem is digging tunnels. 由于这里的地质,我们最大的问题是挖掘隧道。 But we're gradually overcoming that. 但是我们正在逐渐克服。 We're also very pleased with a new installation of the Go-Kart arena which is 120 square metres in area. 我们还很高兴地安装了新的小型赛车区域,占地120平方米。 Again the problem is the geology; 这里依旧有地质问题, we had to level the mounds on the track for safety reasons. 我们不得不考虑安全因素,使轨道上的土丘更平坦。 We wanted to enable 5-12year olds to use the go-karts. 我们希望能让5-12岁的小孩使用小型赛车。 And the main attraction here is the Formula 1 Kart. 这里最吸引人的是F1小型赛车。 We've known fights to break out over who gets it! 我们听说大家都抢破头去玩它! And then finally to our most recent development which is the landscaped... 最后,我们最近的进展是…… 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573366.html