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美剧《复仇》第02季 第16集 第01期:证明自己的忠诚

I have a ton more from the wedding 如果你想打印出来的话 if you need me to print them out. 我还有很多婚礼的照片 Oh, no. I think these will suffice. 不用了 这些就够了 Mom, this idea for a foundation in Amanda's name, 妈妈 以阿曼达的名字命名基金会 it's such an amazing way to honor her. 真是纪念她最好的方式 For you to be dedicating your time to it, 而且看到你们如此的投入精力 I'm just so proud of you both. 我真为你们两个感到骄傲 See you, sweetheart. 再见 亲爱的 Oh, good morning, Daniel. 早上好啊 丹尼尔 How did you sleep? 昨晚睡的怎样 I didn't. I'm still trying to figure out 没睡觉 我还在试图弄清楚 what the Initiative is planning and how to stop it. 联盟在计划什么 如何阻止 The success of their schemes lies in 他们计划成功的关键在于 keeping the pieces disparate 将事情碎片化 so as to prevent anyone from connecting the dots. 以防任何人将事情联系起来 You'd do better concentrating on deflecting the blame. 你最好还是考虑如何推卸责任吧 By placing it on Aaiden Mathis. 陷害艾登·马西斯 Better him than you. 总比陷害你要好 Even after he proved his loyalty? 即使他证明了自己的忠诚 You need to watch your back with that one. 你要多加防范他 Have you forgotten his pursuit of Emily? 你忘了他是怎么追艾米莉的吗 And he was instrumental in my ousting at the company, was he not? 而且将我驱逐出公司这事 他也有份吧 No more so than I was. 我也有份 Yeah, a betrayal for which i've only just begun to forgive you, 对 我才刚刚准备原谅你这次的背叛 but you are my blood. 但你是我的孩子 Mathis is a... common parasite. 马西斯就是个寄生虫 Would you say the same about David Clarke 你也会这样子说大卫·克拉克 or his daughter? 或他的女儿吗 重点解释: 1.print out 印出 例句:You may use an online printer to print out the data. 你可以使用联机打印机把数据打印出来。 2.proud of 以 ... 为满意(以 ... 而骄傲; 自豪) 例句:The shop was proud of its exclusiveness. 这商店因别具一格而沾沾自喜。 3.figure out 算出;想出 例句:The boy can't figure out the algebra problems. 这个男孩做不出这道代数题。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/573349.html