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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第16期

话题标签"帅哥和狗狗" 这就是我 #dudewithdog - yeah, that's me. 但这帮我涨了很多粉 But I've just got a load more followers. 我还有六天时间 I've got six days left 我已经有2544个粉丝了 and I'm up to 2,544 followers. 起作用了 It's working. 粉丝数 整个周末 我都在发照片 Over the weekend, I've been posting 骚扰朋友替我宣传 and hassling my friends to plug me. 第21天 粉丝数 但目前有个人我还没有骚扰过 But there's one person I haven't got hold of yet. -尼克 最近怎么样 -不错 - Hey, Nick, how's it going- All right? 早餐秀主播尼克·格林姆肖 Breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw 和他的130万粉丝 and his 1.3 million followers. 能不能在你的图享上帮我吼一下 Could you shout me out on your Insta page? '可以啊 戴夫 发给我 我现在就办' 'I could do that for you, Dev. Send it over, I'll do it now.' 我都不择手段了 I'm so desperate! 第21天 粉丝数 现在我有大概7千粉丝 So I'm on about 7,000 followers. 这是最后一周的周二 It's Tuesday of the last week. 我想我大概不需要其它帮助 I'm thinking I could probably complete this 就可以完成任务了 without having to call in any more favours. 我觉得我可以更狡猾一点 I'm thinking I could be a bit more stealthy about it, 买点粉 and buy some followers. 它总是突然出现在我首页上 所以想看看 It keeps cropping up on my feed, so I'm going to see what Steph 社交媒体经纪公司的斯蒂芬觉得如何 at the social media agency thinks about it. 我相信很多人都这么干 I'm sure loads of people do it. '如果买粉的话 他们大概是机器账号 'If you're buying followers, they're probably bots, 或者是有人收了钱来粉你 'or people who are getting paid to follow you. '可能一周后 图享会发现 "不对 'I mean, suddenly, a week later, Instagram goes, "You know what? '"这样不行" 然后他们就会收走这些粉 '"No, I don't think so," And they take those away '你就又回到只有几百粉了 'and you're back to a couple of hundred.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-16.html