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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第15期

那就是发的东西一定要有趣 in that it should just always, kind of, be funny. -浏览量有 -30万 - That was seen... - 300,000 times? 我从来没有从这个角度考虑过我的页面 I've not thought about my own page like that. 你的页面里混合了一点你自己的幽默 There's a mixture of your humour, 但也是你节目的延伸 but also a real extension of the show. 不管你的节目和风格是怎样的 Whatever your show and your style is, 我建议你都把它展现到图享上 try and put it into Instagram, that's what I'd say. 多谢 这个建议真不错 Thanks, that's really good advice. 除此之外 我想我们来拍一张性感自拍 On top of that, I'm thinking we just take a really sexy selfie 发布然后标记我 我就能有一堆粉丝啦 together, post it up, tag me, I get loads of followers. 我会牺牲一点粉丝给你的 I will saCRIfice my followers for you. 我会看到掉粉的 I will see a downturn. 关注他 我现在和戴夫在一起 我下周去度假 All right, I'm with Dev, I'm on holiday next week, 他会来帮忙代班 he's going to do the old show. 为什么不关注一下他呢 Why don't you follow him? -老头子用图享啦 -终于 - Grandad's joined Instagram. - Finally. 第18天 粉丝数 30秒涨了16个粉 这才像话嘛 16 followers in 30 seconds. That's more like it. 格雷格最受欢迎的图片有3.5万个赞 Greg's most popular post has 35,000 likes. 你好 伙计 最近怎么样 All right, mate, how's it going? 而这给我了一个主意 And it gives me an idea. 听着 我需要找你帮个忙 Listen, I need to ask a bit of a favour. 戴夫 你好吗 最近怎么样 Dev, you all rightHow's it going? 可爱的狗狗照片马上就要出炉 Cute dog picture coming right up. 帅哥和狗狗的照片在图享上很流行 Hot dudes with dogs is a thing on Instagram, 所以我们要标记这个 so we tag them. 在图享上标记狗 Tag dogs on Instagram. 我发他的照片时都标记了这些 And I tag all them on his post 这就是一把致命武器 and it's a deadly weapon. 绝对的 Absolutely.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-15.html