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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第13期

"我把你的照片发到快拍上吧 哥们儿" "Let me get you on Snapchat, bruv." -"说句话 哥们儿" -"搞笑一点" - "Say something for me, bruv." - "Be funny." 我遇到过一个人 他说 Yeah, I had this one guy, he was like, "哥们儿 我要取关你" "Yo, blud, I got to unfollow you, man. "我不能接受男人戴假发" "I can't accept a guy wearing a wig." 我想 "好吧 无所谓" 没那么重要 I'm like..."Right, cool." Like, it's not that deep. 现在视频越来越多 Now that the videos are growing more, 我更在意自己上传的内容了 I'm more conscious of what I put up. 我会做我觉得大家会喜欢的东西 I just kind of make stuff that I know people like. 找到自己的定位然后进行发挥 You know, you find a niche and just kind of go with it. 首要诀窍六 找到你的定位 给你看我的主页 你觉得它有什么问题 If I show you my page, what do you think's wrong with that? 我永远也想不到你是个DJ I would never think you're a DJ. 如果只有你在健身房的照片 所有人都会健身 If it's just you in the gym, like, everybody goes gym, 所有人都会发食物的照片 like, everybody posts pictures of food. 你必须选一些很酷的东西 You must go to some cool things. 明白吗 你肯定认识一些很酷的人 You know what I meanYou must know some cool people. 那我就会感觉自己在炫耀 I just feel like I'm showing off. 不 你永远不是炫耀 因为你的粉丝 No, you're never showing off, cos people who follow you 是为了你真实的自我而关注你 will follow you because of who you are 你是个DJ 他们听你的音乐 and you're a DJ and they listen to you. 你是说 说得好听一点就是 You're trying to say, in the politest way, 我其实需要多展示一些自己的生活 that I basically need to step my game up. 对 接下来的两周 Yeah, in the next two weeks, 你要无处不在 you need to be everywhere and anywhere. 我一直都觉得 发照片展示自己的工作 I've been feeling like, by showing pictures of me being at work 做自己的事情是在炫耀 and doing what I do is showing off.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-13.html