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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第12期

然后拿自己跟这些运动员 and compare myself to some of these athletes 或者经常健身的人去比 and people who work out all the time. 你在图享上滑到一张这种图片 你就会想 You see one picture slide up your Instagram and you're like, "还以为自己今天过得不错 看看他们啊" "Wow, I thought I was having a good day, and look at them!" 想一想你关注了哪些人 Think about who you're following 你为什么关注他们 and why you choose to follow them. 如果他们无法让你的自我感觉更好 If they're not making you feel better about yourselves, 就取关他们 stop following them. 首要诀窍五 取关那些让你不悦的账号 这建议不错 I think that's good advice. 关注让你能感觉不错的账号 Go for the feel-good accounts. 比如我的 Like mine. 关注我的图享 新生戴夫 有想关注我的吗 Who wants to follow? 或者你可以去关注搞笑的账号 Or you could follow someone who's funny. 有吗 Anybody? 你们好 我叫莫·吉利根 Hey, what's up, my name is Mo Gilligan. 说唱歌手错过节拍 倒回去 倒回去 Hey, hey, hey, rewind, rewind. 每次我查看莫的账户 Mo seems to have doubled his following 谢谢你们 2万粉丝 他的粉丝数量好像都会翻倍 every time I check his account. 北伦敦说唱歌手 这段视频在脸书上有180万播放量 This video has 1.8 million views on Facebook. 现在莫的图享粉丝数量是11.8万 Mo's Insta following is currently 118K. 差不多是通过别人实现的 It's kind of happened through other people. 那么多人分享这些视频 You get people that share the videos. 图享上有很多幽默主页 There's massive, funny pages on Instagram and stuff 也分享了我的视频 that have shared my videos as well. 自从你拥有这么多粉丝之后 Have you noticed anything change in your career 有没有注意到自己的事业有什么变化 since you've had all these followers? 别人在街上看到你 对我来说有点奇怪 People seeing you in the street - that, for me, is a bit weird. 他们也不问我 直接拿出手机 People don't ask, they get their phone out,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-12.html