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24小时(24) 第02季 第08集 第03期

你明白这些权利吗 Do you understand these rights? 这里安全吗 Is it safe in here? 只要远离隔离区 就没事 Just stay away from cordoned areas, you'll be all right. -这是今早发生爆炸的那栋楼 -是的 - This was the building that bombed this morning. - Yeah. 房间准备好了 You got the rooms ready? 是的 还是有点乱 Yeah. They're a little messed up, 但是用来审讯没问题 but thay're good enough for interrogation. 情况怎样 How we doing here? 最终统计 三十人死亡 十七人受伤 Final tally... 30 dead, 17 wounded. 大卫多夫和林道尔伤重 Davidorff and Lindauer are CRItical. 宝拉呢 What about Paula? 你能不能帮我把他们带回房间去 Could you do me a favour and take them back to the rooms? 请跟我来 Follow me, please. 能和你单独聊聊吗 Listen, can I talk to you alone? 跟着他们 我一会就去 Stay with them. I'll be there in a minute. 有新发现吗 Find anything new? 没有 就是我电话里和你说的 No, just what I told you on the phone. 这两个人的话自相矛盾 The two men are contradicting each other. 绝对和赛伊德·阿里有关联 There's definitely a tie to Syed Ali. 越来越觉得阿里是这次事件的核心 Looks more and more like Ali is at the centre of this thing. 我只希望这一切能让我们快点找到核弹 I just hope all this brings us closer to finding the nuke. -我能对他施加多大的压力 -随便你 - Just tell me how hard I can push him. - Hard as you have to. 指甲里插竹签 Stick bamboo shoots under their fingernails. 得到他们所知道的 时间不多了 Get what they got. Time's running out. 西北战区行动中心 打给联调局的亨德森 Call Henderson at FBI. 安排一次他和司法部长的电话会议 Set up a conference call with him and the Attorney General. -林恩 有空吗 -当然 罗杰 - Lynne. You have a sec? - Sure, Roger. 我知道雪莉·帕尔默 I understand that Sherry Palmer 得到了临时安全权限 has been given provisional security clearance. 是的 没错 总统行使了行政特权 Yes, that's right. The president has invoked executive privilege. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/24-02-08-3.html