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24小时(24) 第02季 第08集 第02期

我已经行使行政特权 I have invoked executive privilege 给予雪莉临时安全权限 and have granted Sherry provisional security clearance. 身边总有人告诉我 Seems every time I turn around, 我不该把你留在身边 somebody advises me to send you away. 那你怎么不照做呢 Why don't you? 因为你可能有别人得不到的情报 Because you may be able to get information that nobody else can. 该死 冷静点 Damm it! Just play it cool. 怎么冷静 车都是偷来的 Cool? We're in a stolen car. 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 金·鲍尔 下车 把后备箱打开 Step out of the car, please. And open the trunk. -天呐 -卡拉 - Oh, my God! - Carla! -天呐 他杀了她 -把双手放头顶 - Oh, my God! He killed her! - Put your hands behind your head. 以下故事情节发生在下午3点到4点之间 -他把车给你了 -不算是 - Did he give it to you? - Not exactly. -那到底是什么 -我们未经允许开走了 - Then what, exactly? - We took it without permission. -你偷了这辆车 -无法相信他杀了她 - You stole this car? - I can't believe he killed her. 听着 警官 加里·马西森 金的雇主 Look, officer, Gary Matheson, the man Kim works for, 一直打他的妻子 并且开始伤害他的女儿 had beat his wife and was starting to hurt his daughter. 金找我帮她带梅根远离这个男人 Kim called me to help her get Megan away from this guy. 如果是真的 你们为什么不去找警察 If that's true, why didn't you go to the police? 为什么我在离洛杉矶32千米的地方找到你们 Why do I find you 20 miles outside of LA? 我就知道 你有权保持沉默 That's what I thought. You have the right to remain silent. 你所说的每句话都将可能作为呈堂证供 Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. 你有权请律师 You have the right to an attorney. 如果你请不起律师 If you can't afford an attorney, 法庭会为你指定一名律师 one will be appointed for you by the court. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/24-02-08-2.html