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24小时(24) 第01季 第15集 第03期

对 然后他要我把发射器放进我的耳朵里 Yeah, that's when he asked me to put it in my ear. 我们能休息一下吗 Can we take a break for a second? 拜托了 你能帮我问问 Please, could you find out for me 我妻子和女儿在诊所的情况吗 how my wife and daughter are doing at the clinic? 特里和金已经离开了诊所 Teri and Kim have already left the clinic. 什么 What? 他们没事的 医生检查过了 They're fine. The doctor has cleared them. 尼娜正把他们转移到安全屋 Nina's even moving them to a safe house. 你明知道他们在转移我家人 却不告诉我 You knew they were moving my family and you didn't tell me? 行吧 结束了 That's it. This is over. 我什么都不会说 我要和查普尔谈话 I don't say another word. I want to speak to Chappelle. 立刻 阿尔伯塔 Now, Alberta! 你太能干了 You're exhausting. 我很惊讶你昨晚打给我 I was surprised you called last night. 我以为在特区见过之后我们就不会见面了 I didn't think I'd see you again after DC. 其实挺难接受的 Not really that easy, you know. 今天晚些你还会有休息时间吗 Will you have another break later in the day? 参议员今天下午要出城 The Senator has to leave town this afternoon. 他要去内华达 He's going to Nevada. 我们之中只有少数几个被告知了这件事 Only a few of us were told about it 而且我是其中得和他同行的一个 and I am one of the ones who has to go with him. -你得握他的手 -一点不错 - You have to hold his hand? - In so many words. 要期望你在内华达有空闲时间 Is it too much to hope 是不是期望过高了 that you might have some free time in Nevada? 你想来吗 You would want to come? 如果你想见我 If you want me. 这浴室挺大的 You know, this is a pretty big shower. 可以同时容纳两个人 There's room enough for two. 我来了 I'm on my way. 艾伦 Alan. 帕尔默参议员 我能为你做什么 Senator Palmer, what can I do for you? 我要和一个叫杰克·鲍尔的反恐组特工谈话 I'm trying to talk to a CTU agent named Jack Bauer. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/24-01-15-3.html