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24小时(24) 第01季 第15集 第02期

有所联系 但由于某种原因 to two other shooters, but for some reasons, 他在华盛顿特区待了几天 he stopped in DC for a couple of days 之后于周六在乘机抵达洛杉矶国际机场 before landing in LAX on Saturday. 还有其他不一致的地方 我还在调查 There's other inconsistencies. I'm still working on it. -报告在哪 -我把它送到尼娜的电脑去了 - Where's the report? - I routed it to Nina's computer. -也给我发一份 行吗 -可以 - Send me a copy, would you? - Yeah. 我还是不明白 为什么你要带我们去安全屋 I still don't understand why you're taking us to a safe house. 我们不是应该在杰克的办公室回答问题吗 Weren't we supposed to answer questions at Jack's office? 我们现在去安全屋问你们问题 We're going to do that at the safe house, now. 我爸会在哪儿吗 Is my dad going to be there? 他没法立刻去 可能反恐组那边忙完了再去 Not right away. Maybe when he's done at CTU. 我们没事吧 尼娜 Are we okay, Nina? 没事的 Everything's fine. 现在对你们来说最安全的 Right now, a small, controlled environment 就是一个小而可控的环境 is the most secure place for both of you. 杰克知道你正带着我们走吗 Does Jack know you're taking us? 当然知道 迈尔斯 Of course. Myers. 我们正在把特里和金转移到安全屋 We're moving Teri and Kim to the safe house now. 我们很快就会抵达 We should be there soon. 妈 你还没告诉我医生说了什么 Mom, you never told me what the doctor said. 一个囊肿破了而已 It was a cyst that burst. 她说并不严重 She said it wasn't serious. -那她为什么 -亲爱的 没什么好担心 - Then why did she... - Honey, there's nothing to worry about. 她说会自然愈合的 She said it would go away all by itself. 首先 盖恩斯用电话联络到了我 Gaines first made contact with me on my cell phone. 然后他指引我前往 And he directed me to a car 圣马克医院停车场里的一辆车 in a parking lot of St. Mark's hospital. 发射器在车里吗 The transmitter was in the car? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/24-01-15-2.html