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西部世界(Westworld) 第01季 第07集 第12期

那是你和黑尔一起搞的小表演吗 The little show you and Hale put on? 从技术层面来说完全是漏洞百出 Completely transparent from a technical perspective, 这计策拙劣的我都为你感到羞愧 clumsy to the point of making me embarrassed for you. -羞愧 -连我都能一眼看穿 - Embarrassed? - If I saw through it, 福特会怎么看可想而知 I can only imagine what Ford was thinking. 这段代码有很明显的 There were glaringly obvious markers 人为干预痕迹 of human intervention in the code. 如果你的程序员真有那么棒 If your programmers were any good, 他们早就会来我这工作了 they'd be working for me. 而且我知道你还有你的手下和那个失散的机器人 And I know you and your team were responsible for the stray 以及卫星传输脱不了干系 and its satellite transmission. -伯尼 -我不管你什么说辞 - Bernie-- - I don't care. 40年前 40 years ago, 这里建立时的代码有一半都是福特的搭档写的 Ford's partner wrote half the code this place was founded on. 你在实验室里说的话没错 What you said in the lab was right. 我们不知道接待员是怎样运作的 We don't know how the hosts work, 我也觉得他们有些问题 and I think there's something wrong with them. 福特对此的解释更加证实了我的直觉 Ford's explanation only bolsters my hunch. 偏离程序行为的能力 The ability to deviate from program behavior 是由对旧角色的记忆产生的 arises out of the host's recall of past iterations. 你觉得是有关联的 记忆和... You're thinking there's a connection between memory and-- 和即兴反应 没错 And improvisation, yes. 重复导致变异 Out of repetition comes variation. 无数次的重复过后 And after countless cycles of repetition, 接待员们开始变异 these hosts, they were varying. 他们即将经历某种转变 They were on the verge of some kind of change. 你得知道 一直以来我都是 You have to know my chief concern 在为乐园以及游客着想 has always been the well-being of this park and the people in it. 我知道 I know. 所以我要给你看点东西 Which is why I need to show you something. -跟她说说话 -你先 - Talk to her. - You first. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Westworld-01-07-12.html