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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第19集 第04期

其他人做了什么错的事情吗 Someone else may have done something wrong? 告诉我吧 伊莱 Just tell me, Eli. 问题就在这里 我不知道 That's the thing-- I don't know. 是我的支持者中有人出了问题吗 The problem is my supporters? 他们中有人可能黑了那些机器吗 One of them may have hacked these machines? 是的 Yes. 是毕夏普吗 Bishop? 也可能是瑞德梅恩 Or Redmayne. 他喜欢确保一件事的成功 He likes to guarantee success. 那我们随时欢迎重新计票好了 So we welcome a recount. 如果我输了 那就输了 I mean, if I lose, I lose. 不 不 没这么简单 No, no, it's not that simple. 重新计票选举就乱了 Elections are stolen during recounts. 有多方利益牵涉其中 会牵扯出许多诉讼 There are too many hands involved, too many lawsuits. 这些选票不该被计入 而那些该被计入 These votes shouldn't be count and these votes should. 新闻界会发起反对你的言论 And the press is moving against you. 那总不是好迹象 That's always a bad sign. 好吧 那... Okay, so... 我们怎么做 what do we do? 你跟普拉迪的关系怎么样 How's your friendship with Prady? 你想让我去跟他谈谈 You want me to talk to him? 你的对手必须奋力争取才能重新计票 Your opponent has to push for a recount. 告诉他 他不会想以这种方式赢的 Tell him he doesn't want to win that way. 不会想赢得这么难看的 Not ugly. 这种事情就没有尽头 不是吗 It doesn't end, does it? 你赢了选举 你觉得已经结束了 You win the electi, you think it's over. 但它永远不会结束 It's never over. 我希望能告诉你 你是错的 I wish I could tell you that you're wrong, 但你是对的 but you're right. 生活 Life... 真的很差劲 ... sucks. 谢谢 Thank you. 有什么事吗 Yes? 你真的这么做了吗 So, did you do it? 做了什么 Do what? 跟你的上司乱搞 Screw your boss. 不好意思 但我觉得这不关你的事 I'm sorry, but I don't think that's any of your business. 关不关我的事轮不到你来决定 You don't get to decide when it's my business. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/The-Good-Wife-06-19-4.html