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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第08集 第14期

回到我身边吧 Return to me! 妈妈 Mom? 凯茜 Casey? 凯茜 Casey! 凯茜 Casey. 凯茜 Casey. 行动 快进去 走 Move! Move in! Okay, go! -安全 -安全 - Clear! - ?Clear. 过道安全 Hallway's clear! 枪 枪 放下武器 Gun, gun, gun! Drop the weapon! 放下武器 Drop the weapon! 你们听到天使的声音了吗 Can you hear the angels? 你们听到他们的歌声了吗 Can you hear them singing? 兰斯先生 Mr. Rance. 等你女儿清醒后我要和她谈谈 I'm gonna need to talk to her the second she's alert. 你可以先去找我们的律师谈谈 You can talk to our lawyer first. 但我还是要和你女儿谈谈 But I'm also gonna talk to your daughter. 这是迟早的事 兰斯先生 It's gonna happen, Mr. Rance. 躲不掉的 It's happening. 她只有90斤而已 她做不出那种事 She's a 100-pound girl. She didn't do it. 那你为什么还要找律师 So why the lawyer? 她会没事吗 Is she gonna be okay? 兰斯家的姑娘们都十分坚强 I think the Rance girls are a couple of tough cookies. 我是这么觉得的 That's what I think. 等这事结束了 When this is done, 你应该认真考虑一下克里丝说的 you should give some serious thought to what Chris said. 加利福尼亚的事 About California. 我们不是要变成加拿大人吗 I thought we were going to be Canadians. 或者委内瑞拉人 Or Venezuelans. 我们也许会 但是你 Maybe us. You... 你总会离开的 You were always gonna be somewhere else. 只是时间问题而已 It's just a matter of when. 你外婆是个电影明星 Your grandma's a movie star. 感觉好怪 It's so weird. 我知道 I know. 但是她认识可以帮助你的人 But she knows people who can help you. 我会考虑的 I'll think about it. 好的 Okay. 你变得越来越好了 爸爸 You're getting better, dad. 你变聪明了 You've been sharp. 彼此彼此 Ditto. *午夜时分* *In the midnight hour* *爱意浓烈* *Love's coming on strong* *你的思绪渐渐转变* *Thoughts of you are creeping* 你问过我上帝声音什么样 You asked me what God sounds like, 他长什么样 what he looks like. 那就是上帝 That is God. 真的吗 Really? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/The-Exorcist-01-08-14.html