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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第06集 第01期

《路西法》前情提要 Previously on Lucifer... 室友 戴克警探和你 Roommates? You and Detective Decker? 我觉得不会有事的 I think it's gonna be fine. 当然也需要一段时间的调整适应 With a short adjustment period. 你以送母亲回地狱为条件 作为交换 You made a deal to return Mom to hell, in exchange, 宽恕克洛伊的命 Chloe's life was spared. 如果父亲决定撤回交易 你怎么办 What if Dad decides to take back his side of the deal? 你好啊兄弟 Hello, brother. 乌列 Uriel. 你还有24小时 You have 24 hours, 否则我会彻底解决那个警探 or I'll finish what I started with your detective. -乌列来了 -他要么是想找克洛伊 - Uriel is here? - He's after Chloe, -要么是那个叫作母亲的贱人 -不必担心 - or that bitch you call Mom. - Well, worry not, 因为乌列不算什么麻烦 because Uriel won't be a problem. 我们有核武器 We have a nuclear weapon. 他怎么能打倒你 哥哥 How did he beat you, brother? 我的神力已经失去了 I no longer have my powers. 我准备让乌列带我回地狱了 I'm letting Uriel take me back to hell. 总有别的办法的 There is always another way. 那是亚兹拉尔之剑 That's Azrael's blade. 你不是来带老妈回地狱的 You're not planning on taking Mom back to hell. 由于你给我添了这么多麻烦 Because you made it so difficult, 现在我要把老妈和那个警探一起干掉 now I'm gonna take out Mom and the detective. 我杀了他 I killed him. 我都做了什么 What have I done? 《Dance Like a Monster》 Play Date 今天我们相聚于此 来哀悼一对不幸的恋人 We are gathered here today to mourn a great loss. 佩吉 埃德加 Peggy, Edgar. 你们的单身人生 已经结束了 Your single life is dead. 但你们的婚姻之喜 才刚刚开始 But your life of wedded bliss is just beginning. 哪怕化了僵尸妆 她还是这么好看 She's gorgeous even as a freakin' zombie. 我恨她 I hate her. 如果有人反对这对逆天的情侣结合 If anyone objects to this unholy matrimony, 请马上站出来 speak now 否则请永远缄默 or forever hold your peace. 埃德加 Edgar! 我的天 救命 Oh, my God, help! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Lucifer-02-06-1.html