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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第16期

我不像索贝尔 I'm not like Sobel. 我是不会变的 I'm not gonna change. 我是不会某天早上醒来 I'm not gonna just wake up one day 忽然又变回那位劳蕾尔的 and be your Laurel. 不不 你会一直是你自己 No, no. You'll always be you. 但你可以变成更好的人 But you can be better. 我为什么要这么做 Why would I? 我们生活在一个肮脏的世界 We live in an ugly world, 在这个世界存活的唯一方法就是 and the only way to survive it is-- 就是回之以肮脏 is to be ugly right back. 你错了 You're wrong, ok? 你就没有想过我很喜欢自己现在的样子吗 Hey, has it ever occurred to you that I like who I am, 我干掉索贝尔的时候 其实很享受 that when I killed Sobel, I actually enjoyed it? 而且你向我展示的那些你女儿的照片 And all those pictures that you showed me of your daughter-- 那个女人我根本不认得 this--this--this woman that I don't even recognize. 那些照片让我恶心 They made me sick. 她那么温柔天真 She was soft and naive, 也正因为这样她才会死 and that's why she's the one who's dead. 你为什么告诉我这些 Why are you telling me this? 因为我并不想发现自己 Because I don't ever want to find myself 很享受杀掉你的快感 enjoying killing you. 周围安全 我们走吧 Perimeter's secure. Let's move. 奎恩先生 你儿子真是个勇敢的小伙子 Quite a brave young fellow you have here, Mr. Queen. 勇敢又愚蠢 很像他父亲 Brave and foolish, much like his father. 他在这做什么 What--what's he doing here? 不关你的事 兰斯先生 None of your concern, Mr. Lance. 其他的客人都到场了 And the rest of our guests have arrived. 这两个疯子说 These two freaks say that you think 你怀疑我们之一杀了你儿子 one of us killed your boy? 事实上 迪亚兹先生 In point of fact, Mr. Diaz. 我已知道你们之一杀了我儿子 I know that one of you killed my boy. 我要找到这名凶手 I intend to find out who. 在戴面具的家伙和与你做生意的人中 You believe people in masks来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Arrow-06-13-16.html