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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第15期

来 没事的 Come here. Come here. 没关系 It's all right. 你待在那里 You stay over here. 这一切由我儿子开始 This started with my son. 结束之际你儿子也理应在这 Yours should be here for the end. 真是美妙的呼应 It's a beautiful symmetry, 你不觉得吗 Don't you think? 他跟这件事没关系 He has nothing to do with this. 我同意 I don't disagree, 但看起来你儿子还另有打算 But it appears your son has other plans. 你好 威廉 Hello, william. 我叫凯登·詹姆斯 My name is Cayden James. 你是那个想炸了这座城市的人 You're the guy who wants to blow up the city. 是的 说来话长 I suppose. It's a long story. 也牵扯到我自己的儿子 And it concerns my own son. 他在哪 Where is he? 恐怕是死了 Passed away, I'm afraid. 凯登·詹姆斯 Cayden James? 有人告诉我你们要来 I was told to expect you. 其实是警告过我 Warned, in fact. 詹姆斯先生 我们要将你押送拘留 Mr. James, we're here to remand you into custody 由于你多次违反联邦法律 for multiple violations of federal law. 我强烈建议你不要反抗 I strongly advise you not to resist. 我唯一的儿子在打篮球比赛 My only son is playing in this game. 我能不能在你带我走之前看一会儿 Could I perhaps watch it before you take me in? 不可以 That's not how it works. 我只想要一会儿 I'm just asking for a few moments, 同情我一下吧 A little compassion here. 我强烈建议你和平投降 I strongly suggest surrendering peacefully 避免不必要的冲突 to avoid a scene. 不需要这样 There's no need for that. 我得去了解下地形 All right. I'm gonna get the lay of the land. 我回来的时候她最好还在这 She'd better be here when I get back. 我觉得她不喜欢我 I don't think she likes me. 你也没有给她喜欢你的理由 Well, you haven't given her much reason to, have you? 行吧 Fair. 她说得对 你知道吗 She's right, you know. 关于什么 About what? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Arrow-06-13-15.html