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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第15期

冒昧问一下 If you don't mind my asking, 你为什么还没回家 why you have not returned home? 我觉得您是个大人物 Supposedly, you are big deal. 好了 我们得把 All right. We want to set 炸药装在这里 还有那里 the charges there and there 这样伤害最大 for maximum damage. 怎么了 What? 你这个 美国话怎么说来着 You play--what's American term-- 混蛋扮得不错 douche -- very well. 赶紧办事吧 Let's get this over with. 怎么了 What? 昆汀 Quentin? 你回来了吗 You home? 昆汀 Quentin? 天哪 Ohh! God! -你干什么呀 -天哪 - What are you doing? - God. 你干什么呀 What are you doing? 你这是要杀我吗 What--what are you trying to kill me or something? 你跑哪去了 Where the hell have you been? 整个城市都陷入危机了 The whole city is in CRIsis. 吃了午饭我就一直肚子疼 Well, yeah, my stomach's been on a--a tear since lunch. 肯定是吃坏肚子了 估计是鱼 I--it must have been. Some fish. 就是鱼 肯定就是 It was the fish. It was that fish. 可能是威士忌 Yeah. Probably didn't wash down well 没消化好 with all the whiskey. 什么时候又开始了 When did you relapse? 不是又开始 You didn't. 你一直就没戒过 You--you've been drinking the whole time. 你骗了我 You lied to me. 我是个酒鬼 西娅 我们就是那样 Well, I'm a drunk, Thea. That's what we do. 好吧 我要带你去戒酒会 Yeah. Ok. I'm taking you to a meeting. 你没有办法救一个不想自救的人 You can't help a man who doesn't want to be helped. 看着我 Watch me. 我不会放弃你的 I am not giving up on you, 我也不会让你自暴自弃 And I'm not letting you give up on yourself. 我觉得副市长被人看到 Well, I don't think that the deputy mayor 出入戒酒会 being seen at an AA meeting 对你哥哥现在的处境没什么好处吧 is exactly what your brother needs right now. 戒酒会的第二个A是匿名的意思吧 The second "A" stands for anonymous, right? 这是个啥 What the hell is this thing? 谢了 这是什么 Thanks. What is this? 里根家秘制杜松子酒 Regan family schnapps recipe. 劲儿足 还有一点甜 像你一样 It's strong and a little sweet just like you. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Arrow-05-06-15.html