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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第14期

我当时是为了拯救这座城市 I was trying to help this city. 可普罗米修斯不是 Prometheus isn't. 你说服了我 You convinced me 不要为我父母向瑞文·达克复仇 to not get revenge on Ruve Darhk for my parents 因为杀戮会玷污 because killing would tarnish 黑金丝雀的名声 the Black Canary's legacy. 你不是伪君子又是什么 How are you anything other than a hypoCRIte? 首先 这确实会玷污她的名声 First, it would have tarnished her legacy. 其次 你答应的时候就知道我以前杀过人 Second, you knew that I was a killer when you came on board. 但不是个连环杀人犯啊 Not a serial killer. 我知道其中几个名字 I know some of these names. 这里面有银行家 You've got bankers in here, 律师 市议员 lawyers, a city councilman. 用回文的方式拿上面的名字 You need to anagram the names 和星城市民的名字搭配 on the list against Star City's population 这样就能知道普罗米修斯的下一个目标了 because that should point us toward Prometheus' next targets. 我知道现在这里还不成样子 I know is not much to look at now, 但是有了你的投资 but with your investment, 我们就能让这里成为区域的中心 we can make it a premier destination in the area. 只要有骰子就行 好吗 Yeah, look. As long as you have craps in here, right? 我最擅长玩骰子了 I am awesome at craps. 而且要找女孩 You got to fill this place with girls. 很多女孩 Tons of girls. 我相信您一定会满意的 I'm sure you will be very pleased. 我们会满足您的一切要求 All of your requests will be accommodated. 我相信 但我的伙伴 I'm convinced, but my associate 想先看看蓝图 would like to see the blueprints 确保你们的计划没有遗漏 可以吗 just to make sure you're all buttoned up, yeah? 给你 Here you are. 我可以送复印件去您的酒店 I can have copies sent to your hotel, 但首先 But first... 什么 Yes? 你想看到钱 You want to see the money. 无意冒犯 是的 Not to be rude, but yes. 没关系没关系 That's fine. That's fine. 给他看看钱 Show the man the money. 没问题了 奎恩先生 This will do just fine, Mr. Queen. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/Arrow-05-06-14.html