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TED十佳演讲之身体语言 别对我撒谎(10)

An honest person is going to be cooperative. They're going to show they're on your side. 诚实的人会很合作。让你感觉他们站在你一边。 They're going to be enthusiastic. They're going to be willing and helpful to getting you to the truth. 会表现出热情。他们会乐意帮助你找出真相。 They're going to be willing to brainstorm, name suspects, provide details. 他们会帮你找出思路,提出有嫌疑的人,提供细节。 They're going to say, "Hey, maybe it was those guys in payroll that forged those checks." 他们会说:“啊,可能是管工资的那些家伙做了这些假支票。” They're going to be infuriated if they sense they're wrongly accused throughout the entire course of the interview, not just in flashes; 如果感到自己被诬告,他们在整个对话过程中都会非常气愤,而不只是短时间发火; they'll be infuriated throughout the entire course of the interview. 他们的怒气会贯穿整个对话过程。 And if you ask someone honest what should happen to whomever did forge those checks, an honest person is much more likely to recommend strict rather than lenient punishment. 当你问到一个诚实的人应如何惩罚造假支票的人,这个诚实的人更可能会建议严惩不贷而不是宽大处理。 Now let's say you're having that exact same conversation with someone deceptive. 在看看你与一个不诚实的人进行同样的对话,会是什么情况。 That person may be withdrawn, look down, lower their voice, pause, be kind of herky-jerky. 这个人可能会有些疏远,往下看,降低音量,几字一顿,话不连贯。 Ask a deceptive person to tell their story, they're going to pepper it with way too much detail in all kinds of irrelevant places. 让不诚实的说自己做过什么,他们在一些不着边际的地方透露过多细节。 And then they're going to tell their story in strict chronological order. 他们接着会严格按照时间顺序陈述。 And what a trained interrogator does is they come in and in very subtle ways over the course of several hours, they will ask that person to tell that story backwards, 一个受过训练的质询者在几个小时的问询过程中,旁敲侧击,让那个人用倒叙的方式来陈述, and then they'll watch them squirm, and track which questions produce the highest volume of deceptive tells. 然后观察他如何说谎,并记录嫌疑人在回答哪些问题时音量最大。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/573102.html