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世界杯还没开赛 尼日利亚队球衣先火了

The World Cup has not started yet and Nigeria has already won -- for being the most stylish team in Russia. 世界杯还没开赛,尼日利亚队就已经赢了——成为俄罗斯世界杯最时尚球队。 It started with the fan frenzy to buy the Nigeria Nike-designed World Cup kit, which sold out globally on the day it was released, with queues snaking round the block outside the Nike store on London's Regent Street. 耐克为尼日利亚队设计的世界杯战袍刚一发售就在全球售罄,粉丝们疯狂抢购。伦敦丽晶街的耐克专卖店门外,排队购买的人群蜿蜒绕过街区。 Fans are talking about their stunning white and green ensemble set off with a matching hat, worn at a jaunty angle. 粉丝们热情地讨论着这套白绿相间的队服和相配的帽子,整套球衣洋溢着青春活泼的气息。 Nigeria's Nike-designed kit was voted the best of the World Cup in several polls. 由耐克公司设计的尼日利亚队队服数次获评本届世界杯最佳队服。 International men's magazine GQ also voted the Super Eagles strip top the best of all the 32 teams in Russia. 国际男性杂志GQ也将超级雄鹰尼日利亚队的队服评为32支参赛球队中的最佳。 The highly-sought after kit received three million pre-orders before its release, according to Nigerian Football Federation. 尼日利亚足联称,这套备受追捧的队服在发售前就已经接到300万份订单。 Design director Peter Hopkins told Fader magazine that the Nigerian team's confidence inspired him in his designs for the kit which has a bold neon green pattern that echoes the pattern of eagle wing feathers. 设计总监彼得-霍普金告诉《Fader》杂志说,他的设计灵感来源于尼日利亚队的自信,因此大胆选用了荧光绿色图案,花纹与雄鹰的翼羽相呼应。 He said: "There's a confidence in all these young players, they're going to go for it and we were attracted to that." 他说:“所有年轻的队员们都充满自信,他们要为世界杯而战,我们被此深深地吸引了。 ” "We've been following them from afar, and the players on social media...a lot of them are playing in some of the top clubs in Europe, and there's that boldness that aligns in Nigeria and Lagos and in London. “虽然相隔甚远,但我们一直在关注着他们,在社交媒体上关注这些球员。其中很多人在欧洲顶级俱乐部踢球。在尼日利亚,在尼日利亚首都拉各斯,在伦敦,都能感受到他们的勇猛。” "We thought that there's something in here to do something different," Hopkins added. 霍普金补充说:“我们觉得应该让球衣体现出与众不同的特色。” The kit has also been the subject of intense discussions in Nigeria where some people thought the football federation had missed opportunity to boost local manufacturing. 这套队服在尼日利亚国内也引发热议,一些人认为本国足联失去了促进当地制造业发展的好机会。 One prominent politician said outsourcing the kits to be produced outside the country contradicted the Nigerian government's plans to expand and encourage production of 'Made in Nigeria' goods. 一位资深政客称,把队服生产外包到他国与本国政府计划发展和鼓励“尼日利亚制造”商品的计划相悖。 Senator Ben Bruce said the country could have made $100 million if the kit was made in Nigerian factories. 参议员本-布鲁斯说,如果队服由本国工厂生产,可以赚取1亿美元(约合6.39亿元人民币)。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/573089.html