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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第06集:艾米莉肌肉损伤

视频出处: 本影片片段来自《美少女的谎言》第四季第四集 I think you got a really wrong impression of me from the other day. 我觉得你那天对我的事理解错了 Really? 是吗 Yes, not your fault, 是的 不怪你 nobody's fault, 不怪任何人 but sometimes you say something the wrong way 但有时错误的表达方式 or it comes out wrong, 会带来错误的结果 and the person you're talking to, 你去找的那个人 they think there's something going on when there isn't. 他们以为出事了 但其实什么都没有 What's the problem, Emily? Nothing's the problem. 到底怎么了 艾米丽 没有任何事 That's the point. But... 这才是重点 但... Did you talk to family services about me? 是你和家庭服务中心说了我的事 对吗 Yes. Well, you shouldn't have done that. 你不该这么做 I mean, I can explain everything. 所有事情我都能解释清楚 You have to call them back 你必须给他们回个电话 and tell them that there's nothing to worry about. 告诉他们没什么好担心的 Emily, did someone pressure you 艾米丽 是不是有人对你施压 to come in and talk to me this morning? 让你今早来告诉我这些 What? No, I just want to straight this out. 什么 不 我只是想把话说清楚 This is a safe place. You can tell me the truth here. 这里很安全 你可以告诉我事实的真相 I am telling you the truth. 我说的就是事实 Okay, just forget I was here. 算了 就当我没来过 Emily, wait. 艾米丽 等一下 I was gonna call you today. 我今天打算给你打电话 I heard back on your X-ray consult. 我拿到你的X光结果了 My X-ray. 我的X光片 The MRI confirmed a partial tear of the rotator cuff. 磁共振检查证实肩袖部分撕裂 What does that mean? 什么意思 You'll need rest, 你需要休息 and rehab to heal the muscle and regain function and strength. 休息至肌肉愈合 恢复体能和力量 Depending on how that goes, 先看看效果如何 there's a possibility of surgery. 可能需要做手术 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/573044.html