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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第09期

需要做很多事 takes a lot of work, 除非你在网上一炮而红 unless you manage to go viral. 我是凯什 我有55.2万粉丝 I'm Kash and I have 552,000 followers. 去年七月 凯什的短裤妹视频引爆网络 When Kash's booty babe video set the internet on fire last July, 她的粉丝数在48小时内 she went from 6K to 300,000 followers 从6千飙升至30万 in less than 48 hours. 在那之后 我再接再厉 Since then, I've built on that following. 凯什努力改变自己 Kash has worked hard to transform herself 并利用她的社交网络启发他人 and she uses her social media to inspire others. 你给了许多粉丝动力 You motivate a lot of your followers 许多人关注你是因为 and a lot of your following is based on 你让自己的生活方式变得更好 bettering your lifestyle, 健康饮食 感觉更好 对吗 eating better, feeling better, right? 我希望我的主页可以像一个社区 I want my page to be like a community where people can go 大家可以在这里获得向上的动力 and be uplifted and empowered, 不仅是因为我 而是互相鼓励 not just by me, but by one another. 跟我说说你是怎么 Talk to me about how you 保持这种粉丝数并获得更多粉丝的 keep that level of followers and keep building. 你需要每天都发照片吗 Do you have to post every day? 我大概每天平均花两小时左右 On average, I probably try and spend two hours a day 与我的粉丝互动 像是阅读私信 connecting with my followers, whether it be reading through DMs, 阅读评论 回信等等 reading through my comments, getting back to people. 首要诀窍四 与你的粉丝互动 没有人关注 我们就什么都不是 We're nothing without the people that follow us. 没有我们的观众 You know, without our audience, 我们就只能坐在自己房间里 试图成名 we'd just be sitting in our rooms trying to be something. 我知道有五十多万人 I know that I've got half a million people 都在看着我 that are sort of watching, 这推动我去提升自我 and it pushes me to be the best version of myself.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-9.html