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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第11期

他们会一遍又一遍地 and they'll compare themselves to that 拿自己跟这些图作比较 over and over and over and over again. 病情加重后 你的大脑会开始迟钝 The iller you become, your brain starts to slow down 内分泌也会失调 and you become chemically imbalanced. 厌食症的影响越深 Anorexia's voice gets stronger 提示 厌食党在看着你 你越难走出来 and you're less able to come out of it. 十五岁时 At the age of 15, 弗朗西丝是宣扬厌食生活方式聊天室的常客 Frances was a regular on pro-anorexia chatrooms. 美 不在于尺码 我还记得当时的想法 I remember thinking, "我的身材跟网上的那些女生不一样 "I don't look like those girls on that website, "我肯定病得还不够" "So I'm not ill enough." 总是会想 "我病得不够 还不够" It's always that - "I'm not ill enough, I'm not enough." 我猜是因为我们都渴望 I guess we all have the desire 找到归属感 to feel like we're part of something, 归属于一个团队 一个小组 part of a group, part of a team, 我现在发现这可以有两种可能性 and I'm seeing now that can go either way, 你可以融入到一个积极有益的地方 you can be the part of something that's really positive 也可以融入到一个侵蚀你生命的地方 and good for you, or something that could potentially kill you. 是的 虽然我没看过相关研究 Yeah. I don't know the research into it, 但我肯定这让很多人的处境变得更糟 but I'm sure it's made a lot of people a lot worse. 注册了这个图享账号之后 You must have had quite a lot of positive contact with people 你肯定给大家带来了许多正能量 since you've started this Instagram account. 图享正是这样一个矛盾体 That's where it's a real Catch-22 因为它是个绝佳的平台 because it's such an amazing platform 让我跟很多人交流并帮助了许多人 and I've connected with so many people and helped so many people. 有时我都觉得很难不去看这些健身页面 I find it really difficult not to go on these fitness pages来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-11.html