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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第10期

我觉得我做完了这一年的锻炼 I think that's my workout for the year done. 她收到信息时 She has a message 会真正与自己的粉丝互动 and she really engages positively with her audience. 我也想这样做 And I want to do the same thing 也许该展现更多的自我 by maybe putting a bit of myself out there. 如果我能引起一个人对音乐 对电台的兴趣 If I can inspire one person to get into music, to get into radio, 那也很棒 不是吗 I think that would be pretty cool, right? 我完全低估了 I've completely underestimated 图享可以如此鼓励人们 the way Instagram can inspire people 去提升自我的能力 to want to better themselves. 但凡事总有对立面 But there is a flipside to that. 你会觉得你的生活一无是处 You can feel your life isn't going anywhere 如果你没有在做什么炫酷的活动 if you're not doing such cool activities. 总有个女孩比你更好看 There's always going to be another girl prettier than you 总有人比你更优秀 and another person better than you. 大家都只在图享上展现最好的一面 Everyone just puts the best version of themselves on Instagram. 人们用图享这样的平台 People use things like Instagram 美化自己的生活 to glamorise what's going on in their life. 每一口都是罪恶 不幸的是这可能 And unfortunately this can transfer 控制 饿着吧胖子 你真恶心 想想目标 求减到48公斤 少吃点就轻一点 别吃了 不放弃 瘦子穿什么都好看 美女就不会吃 会导致进食障碍 into the world of eating disorders. 弗朗西丝在图享上跟大家分享 Frances uses her Instagram 从厌食症中走出来的经历 to promote recovery from anorexia 引导大家避开导致这一类疾病的 and steer people away from hashtags and images 努力的应该是自己 而不是自拍 标签和图片 that perpetuate the disease. 这些把厌食当成生活风尚的人 With these pro-ana accounts, 发的图有害在哪里呢 how are the images harmful? 对于厌食症患者而言 这些图阴魂不散 For a sufferer, that image will stick with them来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180712/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-10.html