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青年节 Youth Day

In the old society of China, when the government went corrupted and made the great fail in foreign policy, which annoyed the public, the young generation in the old Beijing walked on the street and protested the government’s decision. As a result, people from all walks of life joined the activity and supported the young people’s action. As the great influence of this incident, people named May 4th as the Youth Day to in honor of the young generation’s effort in pushing the society forward. It is true that the youth dominates a country’s future. Due to their effort, our society goes much further. Every student should embrace the grateful heart and have the consciousness to fight for the country. Though we are lucky to born in a peaceful country, we need to be equipped with skills and make contribution to the society.  在中国旧社会,在政府腐败,在外交政策上也遭遇大失败的时候,公众愤怒了,老北京的年轻一代走到街头抗议政府的决定。结果,各行各业的人都参加了活动,并支持年轻人的行为。由于这一事件的巨大影响,人们将5月4日定为青年节,以纪念年轻一代推动社会发展的努力。诚然,年轻人主宰着一个国家的未来,他们的努力,使得我们的社会走得更远。每个学生都应该抱着感恩的心,拥有为国家而战的意识。虽然我们幸运地出生在一个和平的国家,但我们需要拥有技能,并为社会做出贡献。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Youth-Day.html