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世界无烟日 World No-Tobacco Day

In China, a lot of people are smoking. For the old generation, they formed this bad habit when they were young, while for the young generation, they smoke for business cooperation, or they try to relieve their pressure. Everybody knows the danger of smoking, but some people just can’t get rid of it. 在中国有很多人都吸烟。对于老一辈的人来说,他们在年轻的时候就养成了这种坏习惯,而对于年轻一代人来说,他们为了商业合作,或者是为了缓解压力而抽烟。大家都知道吸烟的危害,但有些人就是无法摆脱它。 The danger of tobacco is obvious. The one who smokes for a long time will damage their body badly. The doctors show the picture of the smokers’ lungs. They are very dark, which have been polluted by the tobacco. As a result, they cough a lot. When someone get close to them, they feel bad about the smoky smell.  烟草的危害是显而易见的。长时间吸烟的人的身体会被严重损害。医生们展示了吸烟者肺部的图片,它们被烟草污染了变得非常的黑。他们也因此经常咳嗽。别人靠近他们的时候,问到浓浓的烟熏味也会感到不舒服。 While most people have ignored the danger of second-hand smoke. A lot of people smoke in the public. They haven’t realized the damage of their tobacco. The innocent public has to bear the bad smell, then they call for the law to ban people smoking in the public areas. 大多数人都忽略了二手烟的危害。许多人在公共场所吸烟。他们没意识到烟草的危害。无辜的大众却不得不忍受这种臭味,所以他们呼吁法律禁止人们在公共场所吸烟。 The World No-Tobacco Day is on May 31st, and the purpose is to call the public to pay attention to stay away from tobacco. For the ones we love and for our health, we should not smoke. 世界无烟日是在5月31日,目的是呼吁公众远离烟草。为了我们所爱的人和我们的健康,不要吸烟了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/World-No-Tobacco-Day.html