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世界哮喘日 World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is on the first Saturday of May, it is a day to call for the public and the patients to pay attention to asthma and master more information of this sickness, so as to make better precaution. Nowadays, the problem of pollution has become serious. In some areas, the nature punishes people by bringing the bad weather, such as the great haze, which damages people’s health badly. Many children can’t breath well and they get sick easily. The polluted air makes them suffer from asthma. If people know more about the disease, they can take care of children well and make some action to prevent the infection. The key to prevent the disease is to protect the environment, at the same time, we need to take regular exercise.  世界哮喘日是在5月的第一个星期六,是呼吁公众和患者关注哮喘病的日子,也让大家更加的了解这种疾病,以便更好的进行预防。如今,污染问题已经变得非常严重。在有些地方,大自然给人们带来了恶劣的天气,比如雾霾严重损害人们的健康。许多孩子因为天气不好容易生病,被污染的空气使他们患上哮喘。如果人们对这种疾病了解得更多,就能更好地照顾孩子,并采取一些措施来预防这种感染。预防疾病的关键是要保护环境,同时也要经常锻炼。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/World-Asthma-Day.html