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西部世界(Westworld) 第01季 第07集 第11期

你走吗 You coming? 幽灵们一旦 Once the Ghosts is done 跟那些可怜的混蛋们熟悉完之后 acquainting themselves with those poor bastards, 就会来追我们了 they'll be coming after us. 我的这几个战友求战心切 My friends here are itching to join the war effort. 我觉得我已经受够战争了 Think I've had enough of war. 你呢 How about you? 你可是个杀人高手 You got a knack for killing. 恐怕我们要在这里分道扬镳了 I'm afraid this is where we part ways. 当心点 Careful. 你们向西走渡过那条河 If you're heading west across that river, 也许就能逃离战场了 you may be leaving the fighting behind, 但是你们会进入一片未知的领土 but you're gonna be in unclaimed territories. 那里是什么地方 What's out that way? 那你只能问天问大地了 You're gonna have to ask the dust. 从没有东西从那回来过 Ain't nothing ever come back from there. 差不多快完成了 We're almost done here. 我来收尾吧 Why don't I close up? 你才在上面呆了不到24个小时 You've been topside for less than 24 hours. 你到下面来得这么勤 会引起怀疑的 You keep coming down this often, people are going to notice. -克莱在哪 -我不知道 - Where's Clem? - I don't know. 我没看到她 怎么了 I haven't seen her. Why? 找到她 马上 Find her. Now. 怎么了 What? 她在哪 Where is she? 我不知道 I don't know. 克莱门汀·彭尼法瑟 位置 人体车间 她在这 我们走 She's here. Let's go. 我们不能去那 上层领导在那里 We can't. The brass will be there. 你可别糊弄我 菲利克斯 You don't want to fuck with me, Felix. 马上带我去那 Take me there now. 走慢点 Slow down. 请把头往后仰 克莱 Tilt your head back, please, Clem. -有问题吗 -没有 - Is there a problem? - No. 抱歉 Sorry. 特蕾莎 Theresa. 能借一步说话吗 May I have a word? 当然 Sure. 我很钦佩你的专业精神 I appreciate your professionalism, 但其实你真的不用这么费心 but you really don't need to bother with this, 毕竟你现在已经不是这里的雇员了 given the change in your employment status. 那个测试是个骗局 The test was a sham. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Westworld-01-07-11.html