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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第08集 第12期

这么说吧 I will say this. 你发的牢骚酿出了美酒 It has good vintage, your whine. 就连你的基督也在十字架上高声尖叫 Even your Christ on his cross screamed out, "为什么是我" 好像这是一首诗 "why me?" Like it was poetry. "天父 你为什么抛弃了我" "Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?" 他在疼痛中尖叫 大喊 He was screaming in pain and shouting, "该死的 为什么是我" "Damn you! Why me?" 放过我的家人 Leave my family alone! 不 No. 你把这事给忘记了吧 Forgot that, did you? 你为什么这么做 Why are you doing this? 因为你不能在做了那些事之后 Because you don't get to walk away. 就这么置身事外 Not after what you did. 而且...我很想念你的味道 Besides... I miss your taste. 你变了 You're different now. 你的味道像...死亡 You taste like... death. 小蕾 小蕾 Rags? Rags? 你确定你没事吗 You sure you're okay? 你在下面干什么 What you doing down here? 天啊 Oh, jeez. 你从哪找来的这东西 Where'd you get that thing? 听着 上楼去和伯克打个招呼 Listen, go up and say hi to Burke. 他很想见你 好吗 He'd love to see you. Yeah? 怎么了 What's the matter? 我还没告诉你 Oh, I didn't tell you. 知道吗 你妈妈就要成为 Guess what? Your momma is gonna be 一位杰出的电影导演 a great big movie director. 也不是那么杰出 但是他们送来了这个剧本 Well, maybe not big, but they sent over this sCRIpt, 希望我能指导其中的三分之一 and they want me to direct one-third of it. 就像是三联画的那种形式 It's like this triptych thing. 你觉得呢 我该接受吗 What do you think? Should I do it? 电影名叫《希望》 快上来 It's called "Hope." Come on up. 上楼 我给你倒半杯红酒 Come upstairs, and I'll let you have half a glass of wine. 你只能拥有被神赋予的意志 You have no will but that which is given. 你只能行使被神赋予的权力 You have no authority but that which is given. 回到暗影中去 毒蛇 Return to the shadow, viper! 你不能占据这个女孩 You have no hold on this woman. 上帝的孩子啊 你被宽恕了 Child of God, you are forgiven. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/The-Exorcist-01-08-12.html