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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第05集 第23期

就是你了 it's you. 有那么一刻 For a brief moment, 你的行为模式动摇了 the pattern faltered. 我以为这意味着你会把老妈交出来 I thought it meant you'd actually bring Mom. 给我一个惊喜 That somehow, you'd surprise me. 因为我头一次 'Cause for once in my life, 想要得到惊喜 但却没有 I'd like to be surprised, but no. 不 你在这 No, here you are. 你在我们大哥的裙子后面藏够了吗 Are you done hiding behind our big brother's skirt? 是的 就我在 Yes, it's just me now. 邪恶的路西法 Big, bad Lucifer. 我们已经交手过一次了 路西法 We've already had this fight before, Lucifer. 在我脑海里 Right here. 瞧 在我脑中 You see, in my head, 我预见了你所做的一切 I've seen everything you do. 听过你说的所有愚蠢的冷嘲热讽 I've heard every dumb quip you have to say. 好了 让我猜猜 Right, let me guess-- 你的版本里 我把老妈交给了你 in your version, I deliver Mom to you, 向你道歉 泪水洗刷了我的脸 apologizing, tears streaming down my face. 其实不是 我的版本里 Actually, no. In my version, 你拒绝交出老妈 you refuse to give Mom up 然后你的人类朋友死了 and your human friend dies. 是啊 你已经试了两次了 Yes, you've tried that twice now. 不怎么成功啊 Not much luck. 也许你并没有你想象的那么能干 Maybe you're not as good at this as you thought. 也许我是把好戏留在后头 Maybe I'm building up to a big finale. 好吧 All right. 乌列... Uriel... 你不知道老爹想要什么 you don't know what Dad wants. 我们没人知道 None of us do. -我觉得... -你说得对 - So I think... - You're right. 我不知道老爹想要什么 我们没人知道 I don't know what Dad wants. None of us do. 好吧 Right. 很好 很高兴我们谈过了 Great, well, I'm glad we had this talk. 下次家庭聚会再见 I'll see you at the next family reunion. 第一轮我请 I'll buy the first round. 但是我知道他需要什么 But I do know what he needs. 老妈被赶了出去 她迟早会 Mom's out. It's only a matter of time 想个办法回到天堂 before she finds her way back to Heaven, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Lucifer-02-05-23.html