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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第05集 第22期

克洛伊安全了 Chloe is safe, 我也不用再替你收拾烂摊子 and I don't have to clean up your mess anymore. 更重要的是 你遵守了诺言 More importantly, you get to keep your word. 我在遵守诺言 I am keeping my word. 你在人间服刑 You're serving out your sentence here on earth. 你知道你父亲不想这样 You know that's not what your Father wanted. 我知道吗 Do I?! 每个人都觉得自己知道父亲想要什么 Everyone thinks they know what he wants. 阿曼纳迪尔刚来时就这么觉得 Amenadiel did when he first got here, 现在乌列也这么想 now Uriel does. 就因为这样人类才发动了战争 Human wars have been waged because of it. 父亲给我开了扇门 Dad showed me an open door. 这意味着我应该把你带回地狱 Does that mean I was meant to take you back to hell 还是他只是在暗示我们地狱通风良好 or was he insinuating that hell was getting drafty? 谁他妈都不知道 Nobody bloody knows, 因为那个自私的混蛋就是不肯告诉我们 because the selfish bastard won't just tell us! 我受够了 And I'm sick of it. 受够了 No more. 受够了 No more. 这才是我的光明使者 There's my Lightbringer. 我的晨星 My Morningstar. 乌列小的时候就是个小个子 Uriel was so small when he was a child. 他只想跟你还有其他年长的孩子们一起玩 All he ever wanted was to play with you and the older kids. -但你们都不理他 -是的 - But you all excluded him. - Yes. 每次他都会回来 继续纠缠我们 And every time he came back, pestering us again. 我一直想不明白 Which is strange, 他明明知道结果如何 considering he knew what the outcome would be. 他就是太想和你们待在一起了 路西法 That's how much he wanted to be around you, Lucifer. 乌列这孩子很固执 Uriel is a stubborn boy. 他做了决定 就不会动摇 When he sets his mind, it doesn't waver. 他得到我或者那个警探之前 He's not going to give up until he has 是不会放弃的 either me or that detective. 母亲... Mum... 我拒绝相信这个 I refuse to believe that. 总有别的办法的 There is always another way. 真有人能找到解决办法的话 If anyone can find it, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Lucifer-02-05-22.html