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中国传统文化 Chinese Traditional Culture

China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spending the holiday during the traditional festivals. They are the important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for young people, the meaning of these festival is fading away. 中国有着5000多年的历史,我们为这个源远流长的文化感到骄傲。每年,我们都很期待在传统节日里度假,它们是中国传统文化的重要组成部分。但对年轻人来说,这些节日的意义正在消退。 When young people are asked about the meaning of traditional festival, some of them have no idea. For example, some young people believe that Mid-autumn Festival is to in honor of the ancestors, or it is a day to eat mooncake. Actually, most festivals have been advocated by the commercial ads, and they show people to buy more products to spend the festivals happily. Some ads try to implant people the wrong idea about the meaning of festival, just to attract more customers. 当年轻人被问及传统节日的意义时,有些人根本就不知道。例如,一些年轻人认为中秋节是为了纪念祖先,或者是用来吃月饼的日子。事实上,大多数节日都被商业广告进行宣传,他们让人们购买更多的产品来欢度节日。一些广告还试图植入人们对节日意义的错误观念,只是为了吸引更多的顾客。 The loss meaning of traditional festivals brings the negative side to the preserve of traditional culture. The mass media should advocate the essence of the festivals, so as to let the young generation learn more about our culture and be proud of it.  传统节日意义的缺失给传统文化的传承带来了消极影响。大众传媒应该宣扬节日的本质,让年轻一代更多地了解我们的文化,并以此为荣。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Chinese-Traditional-Culture.html
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