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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第14期

炸弹不会爆炸的 阿纳托利 The bomb's not going off, Anatoly, 因为我要把真相传达给凯登·詹姆斯 Because I'm going to deliver Cayden James the truth-- 你 you. 你终于疯了 You have finally snapped. 比我预期的多花了几年 Took a few more years longer than I expected. 你陷害了我 You set me up. 照片 被篡改过的视频 The photo, the doctored video. 我告诉过你 I already told you, 不是我做的 that was not me. 那请原谅我 Well, forgive me 如果我不准备听信你的话 If I don't want to take you at your word. 守望镇 我们抓住他了 Overwatch, we got him. 柯蒂斯和雷内抓住了里卡多·迪亚兹 Curtis and Rene got ricardo diaz. 现在是三对三 That makes us 3 for 3. 威廉 把它给我 William, give that to me. 打电话给詹姆斯 Call James. 我以为你都忘了我 I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me. 我们抓到他们三个了 你想在哪会面 We have all 3. Where do you want them? 杰斐逊大街上废弃的戏院见 Meet me at the abandoned theater on Jefferson Avenue. 马上 我在联络柯蒂斯和雷内 I'm on it. I'll call Curtis and Rene. 我联络昆汀 Ok, I got Quentin. 我会盯住凯登 ?I'll keep an eye on Cayden. 时间正好 先生们 Prodigious timing, gentlemen. 临近午夜了 It's almost midnight. 我们不是来玩游戏的 凯登 We're not here to play games, Cayden. 但你还是来了 And yet here you are. 迪亚兹先生和兰斯小姐呢 And what of mr. Diaz and ms. Lance? 马上就到 They'll be here. 这个年轻男士是怎么回事呢 And what of this young man? 你的儿子可没被邀请 奥利弗 I don't believe your son was invited, Oliver. 你来这干什么 What are you doing here? 我想跟你在一起 我害怕 I want to be with you. I'm scared. 威廉 听我说 William, just listen to me-- 这就像在那座岛上一样 It's just like on the island, 就像我妈妈死掉的时候 Just like when my mom died. 我不想也失去你 I don't want to lose you, too. 求求你了 我想和你在一起 Please. I want to stay with you.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Arrow-06-13-14.html